Editor's Choice: Rare seabird footage, crystal language, converting heat to electricity, SciCom Coffee & more!🐦

AI records rare bird footage, Lighting up IoT and smart cities, Crystal language designs new materials, Detecting toxins with mobile phones, and Dragonfly wings for better aerodynamics. Plus join us for SciCom coffee. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

AI records rare bird footage

Researchers used AI-based technology that automatically captures video of rare bird behavior, extending bio-logger battery and allowing longer observation times even in extreme environments.

Bird’s eye view

Lighting up IoT and smart cities

An improved method for thermoelectricity can be applied to any element-based material and potentially power IoT devices and smart cities. 

Crystal language designs new materials

A research team created a “crystal language” that allows AI to design new materials with specific properties. It encodes the arrangement of atoms in crystals into texts, much like musical notes capturing melodies.

Crystal clear

Detecting toxins with mobile phones
A new technology uses low-cost sensors that induce color changes, allowing the detection of low concentrations of harmful compounds with mobile phone cameras. 

Dragonfly wings for better aerodynamics

Scientists studied dragonfly wings to understand why corrugated wings have better aerodynamics and plan to develop bio-inspired wings with high performance.   

Take flight

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