Supercomputing resources available for COVID-19 research in Singapore - applications now open

Singapore's National Supercomputing Centre fast track access for researchers involved in COVID-19 research. Applications are open from now until 23 September 2020.

The resources available are

  • ASPIRE 1, a petascale supercomputer which consists of 1,288 nodes of CPU and 128 accelerator nodeas with NVIDIA K40 GPUs.
  • AI System which consists of 6 units of state of the art 8-GPU NVIDIA DGX-1 WITH V100 cards. This system is meant for projects that focus on AI research with particular novelty on scale and/or throughout breakthrough.
  • 13PB of High Performance Storage

Resources provisioned have to be used up within one year from allocation. Projects under this scheme will be allocated a priority queue for their job submissions.

For more information, contact

[email protected] (for stakeholder organisations: A*STAR, NUS, NTU, SUTF, TCOMS and NEA)
[email protected] (for non stakeholder users)