31 Aug 2016
Two Luminaries to Present Keynote Speeches at the 9th Singapore International Energy Week
18 Aug 2016
First Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology to Showcase a Vibrant Tech and Innovation Ecosystem
18 Aug 2016
International MNCs, SMEs and technology seekers explore fresh ideas for collaboration through open innovation
Associate Professor Henry Gao
08 Aug 2016
Despite its ascent on the world stage, research conducted by Researcher from Singapore Management University shows that China may prefer to keep a low profile in global organisations.
Associate Professor Zang Yoonseok
08 Aug 2016
Researcher from Singapore Management University is uncovering the implications of informal business networks between top executives and their independent auditors.
05 Aug 2016
On August 4, as part of her participation in a meeting of Trade Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of International Trade, announced a new project to be funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).
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04 Aug 2016
Hotels usually offer rewards to customers in form of economic or social benefits. Researchers in Hong Kong have recently conducted a study to explore how customers perceive different types of rewards and how those perceptions influence customer loyalty.
24 Jul 2016
Fifth edition of TechInnovation aims to strengthen collaboration in the spirit of open innovation
07 Jul 2016
SIEW 2016 will bring together top energy leaders to share perspectives on the theme, “New Energy Realities”, which addresses the implications of energy prices remaining lower for longer, and a greater push to make energy systems both greener and smarter.
Mrs. Carrie Lam
06 Jul 2016
July 6, 2016: The University-Government-Industry Consortium for Sustainable Urban Development (UGI Consortium) was officially launched today in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) with strong support from local universities, government departments and industry.
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04 Jul 2016
Industry-focused consortia will address key challenges in wafer-level packaging to lower overall manufacturing costs and accelerate time-to-market of next-generation electronic devices.
Associate Professor Lim Yun Fong
04 Jul 2016
To maximise their bottom line, online retailers must integrate digital business data with physical product flow, according to researchers from Singapore Management University.
Aid Summit photo
30 Jun 2016
The 2nd annual Aid & Development Asia Summit was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 21-22 June 2016 at the United Nations Conference Centre.
29 Jun 2016
Don't miss Employee Benefits Asia, Asia's leading C&B conference. In Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in August - Register Now
24 Jun 2016
A group of KAIST researchers will share their insights on the future and challenges of the current technological innovations impacting all aspects of society, while showcasing their research excellence in artificial intelligence and robotics.
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06 Jun 2016
Nispana’s “APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016 ( 2- 3 June 2016), successfully concluded today at the Double Tree, Hotel by Hilton at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the presence of Mr. Christophe Durand, Head- Cyber Strategy, INTERPOL and Mr. Benoit Godart- Head of Outreach & Support, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) EUROPOL.
03 Jun 2016
Kuala Lumpur witnessed the largest cyber security gathering yesterday at the APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016 which was hosted at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2 &3 June, 2016)
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02 Jun 2016
Researchers in Burma are working with representatives from government, civil society and the private sector to find solutions for eliminating child labour and introducing other overdue labour reforms.
02 Jun 2016
Training & Development Asia 2016 is a two-day regional conference for HR managers and senior learning & development specialists which will take place in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in June.
Professor Ekkehart Boehmer
30 May 2016
A researcher from Singapore Management University has revealed surprising insights into the role of high frequency traders and short sellers.
12 May 2016
A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace launched to encourage growth of precision engineering R&D and business eco-system.
Professor Toru Yoshikawa
05 May 2016
Well-structured corporate governance frameworks are necessary to ensure that companies adhere to ethics and best practices, says a researcher from Singapore Management University.
Associate Professor Gary Chan
05 May 2016
A researcher from Singapore Management University examines how legal practice has changed in response to the internet and technology.
Associate Professor Jochen Reb
05 May 2016
Mindfulness could benefit individuals and organisations and transform the way we live and work, according to a researcher from Singapore Management University.
03 May 2016
Pertanika’s growth continues in 2016 with the addition of two new journals. The first, aimed specifically at postgraduate students, was published late last year, while the second, a law journal, has been proposed for launching later in 2016.
11 Apr 2016
Five recipients of research grants on "Promoting Specialty Textile and Fabrics in Least Developed Countries” provided by Canada's International Development Research Centre and Trade Facilitation Office Canada announced.
11 Apr 2016
Academic and industry speakers at the 2016 Conference on Next Generation Retail Operations discussed innovative solutions that may help brick-and-mortar store retailers fend off stiff competition from e-commerce companies.
11 Apr 2016
How much raw material should you purchase given the uncertainty in demand and procurement cost? Researchers from Singapore Management University are able to distil your business environment into an analytical model to answer these questions.
Assistant Professor Choi Hyun-Soo
08 Apr 2016
New research from Singapore Management University is uncovering the drivers behind household financial decision-making and the implications for the wider economy.
01 Apr 2016
Centre to focus on Healthy Ageing and nutritional interventions which support older populations both regionally and globally.


06 Dec 2008
Defence and National Security Leadership Summit 2008 is a high level international summit dedicated to defence and national security in India, integrating all three defence services, government, key think tanks and industry.
06 Nov 2008
The Annual Indo-International Homeland Security & Defence Exhibition
05 Aug 2008
London - GEMS 2008 will identify key market trends, evaluate strategic challenges and the critical issues that impact on emerging markets. What’s new in these markets? What’s next? Where will growth come from? Where are the opportunities? Where are the risks?
14 Aug 2008
Singapore - This year's Forum will focus singularly on brand issues with the aptly titled theme "Maverick Approaches to Brand Building "
21 Aug 2008
Singapore - Singapore and Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive Jewellery, Gems and Accessories Exhibition is back for the 4th consecutive year and is all set to offer the best and brightest baubles and business opportunities for the industry.
03 Jul 2008
Bangkok, Thailand - The event shows the way to strengthen Garment and Textile industrial associations and clusters to compete in global market, and Free Trade Agreement.
09 Jul 2008
Singapore - Salvo's Asia Pacific Corporate Social Responsibility is specifically designed to meet CSR professional demands to better their initiatives, strengthen their commitments and balance their investments.
25 Sep 2008
Tianjin, PRC - This is the Annual Meeting of the Community of Global Growth Companies CEOs.
15 Jun 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 300 leaders from over 20 countries will convene to debate the challenges and priorities that will ultimately shape the region’s future agenda.
26 Aug 2008
Hanoi, Vietnam - This major international event will focus on the latest opportunities to grow microfinance availability through linkages with the financial system, new partnerships and innovative applications of technology.
30 Jun 2008
Queensland, Australia - Speakers with expertise in identified areas of interest and importance to industry, science and technology will be invited to share their knowledge with delegates.
03 Sep 2008
Shanghai, China - China’s No 1 event for the Sweet and Confectionery Industry. Sweets China has its focus on baked goods, biscuits, cocoa, chocolate and chocolate products, ice cream, raw pastes, snack articles and sugar confectionery.
29 May 2008
Shanghai, China - This is a great opportunity to make successful market entry in China's organic business.
09 Jun 2008
New Delhi, India - The event brings together players from the entire value chain to discuss best practices in sustainable biofuels market expansion.
05 Jun 2008
Sarawak, Malaysia - This year's theme is "Strengthening Malaysia's Position as a Vibrant, Innovative and Competitive Financial Hub". The conference aims to provide a platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas and knowledge between academicians and practitioners.
20 May 2008
Postsocialist economies in Asia as well as in Europe pose many problems for economic policy makers and the international community since the fall of the Iron Curtain. This lecture will provide a broad review of the experience of dealing with postsocialist economies that has been accumulated at the Halle Institute for Economic Research.
05 Jun 2008
Hanoi, Vietnam - The 2008 Global Summit of Women explores two of the major forces that will impact the 21st century global marketplace – Women and the Asia-Pacific economies.
29 May 2008
Tokyo, Japan - Special Lecture in English on US-China Relations by Professor Harry Harding, from George Washington University. This programme is sponsored by Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies and Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies.
05 Jun 2008
Fujian, China - Interherb is the ideal location for industry practitioner to source for international and local healthcare products.
18 May 2008
The 16th edition of an event often billed as the ‘Olympics of ICT’, WCIT 2008 is expected to be the point of convergence for more than 2,500 participants from over 80 countries worldwide.
06 Jun 2008
University of Waterloo - This event discusses questions such as How do developing countries cope with the “Wal-Mart” effect where tiny stores are pushed aside by multinational oligopolies?
28 May 2008
Manila, Philippines - The IUC is the biggest bi-annual gathering of academics and social scientists in Southeast Asia. The theme for this year's event is "ASEAN as a Community: Solidarity in a Globalizing World."
21 May 2008
Bangkok, Thailand - World of Food ASIA 2008 will feature more than 1,000 exhibitors from 28 countries, covering the entire value chain.
15 May 2008
Istanbul, Turkey - The event will be geared towards increasing road transport operators’ profitability, giving a valuable insight into the latest products and most up-to-date services available to the road transport industry, ranging from commercial vehicles to information technology equipment and software.
12 May 2008
This conference explores the issues associated with the development, management and legacies of sport tourism. Its overall theme is 'Sport Tourism and Sustainability: Inter-Relationships, Impacts and Issues'
21 Oct 2008
Beijing, China - EXPO COMM is the crossroads of innovative technology and tomorrow's promise worldwide.
09 Sep 2008
Yokohama, Japan - Eco Manufacture Show is the only Show & Conference to support corporate management coexisting with environment within the manufacturing industry, in Japan.
07 Aug 2008
Delhi, India - Food Technology Show provides a one-stop shop for its visitors to meet top and middle management of companies involved in food & drink related industries.
02 Aug 2008
Kolkata, India - TTF is the largest network of Travel Shows in India.With more than 550 Exhibitors from 20 countries and 29 Indian States / UTs, and a committed visitorship of more than 105,000 visitors,
26 Aug 2008
KL, Malaysia - This year’s exhibition theme - “Building Global Opportunities at Malbex” aims to boost vast business potential of the emerging building industry as well as to explore strategic collaboration across the region.


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Giants in history

Physicist Narinder Singh Kapany (31 October 1926 – 4 December 2020) pioneered the use of optical fibres to transmit images, and founded several optical technology companies. Born in Punjab, India, he worked at a local optical instruments factory before moving to London for PhD studies at Imperial College. There, he devised a flexible fibrescope to convey images along bundles of glass fibres.
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (25 June 1936 – 11 September 2019) was an Indonesian engineer who was President of Indonesia from 1998 to 1999.
Rapee Sagarik (4 December 1922 – 17 February 2018) was Thailand’s renowned expert on orchids.
U Hla Myint (1920 – 2017) was a celebrated economist from Myanmar. Considered a prodigy, he was admitted to Rangoon University to study economics when he was just 14 years old. He went on to earn a Ph.D. at the London School of Economics (LSE).