SMU Professor Chow Hwee Kwan
08 Sep 2015
Exchange rates do not only affect the global competitiveness of a country’s exports, but also contribute to the stability of its trading and investment environment. A study from Singapore looks at how Asian countries manage their currencies, and the impact of these policies on their economies.
SMU Assistant Professor Cho Young Jun
08 Sep 2015
Research from Singapore examines the impact of financial accounting standards on how managers and firms act and how reliable the information they disseminate is. The ultimate purpose is to help people solve economic problems.
SMU Associate Professor Adeline Chong
08 Sep 2015
By examining private transactions that connect two or more countries, a study from Singapore aims to shed light on how globalisation has affected the practice of private international law. In particular, it is looking at whether Singapore courts should recognise and enforce a judgement handed down from class litigation in the US.
SMU Assistant Professor Ijlal Naqvi
31 Aug 2015
The electrical power sector in Pakistan provides a lens through which researchers can examine the government’s level of service to its citizens. The research project aims to produce the country's first electricity distribution map.
SMU Associate Professor Ho Kong Weng
31 Aug 2015
Researchers are studying the driving forces and trends underlying socioeconomic mobility in Singapore. They have found that parents’ income and occupations were major factors in predicting the occupations and incomes they would eventually achieve.
SMU Associate Professor Wang Jiwei
31 Aug 2015
Minority investors need to be protected through better information and corporate governance. A study from Singapore aims to achieve this by understanding how minority investors fair in companies dominated by majority shareholders.
SMU Associate Professor Lim Chu Yeong
31 Aug 2015
Researchers in Singapore and UK have examined whether banks that recognised their potential loan losses early also priced their loans at a higher rate compared to other banks. Their results showed that banks with conservative accounting were indeed more prudent in their lending.
SMU Assistant Professor Travis Chow
24 Aug 2015
SMU Assistant Professor Travis Chow studies how tax influences the behaviour of companies and their shareholders.
SMU Assistant Professor Zhang Haiping
24 Aug 2015
Deciphering real world issues in economics is like solving a Rubik’s Cube, says SMU Assistant Professor Zhang Haiping.
The Building Blocks of an Economy
24 Aug 2015
Researchers at the SMU School of Economics are studying how education and trade form two basic pillars of a robust economy.
19 Aug 2015
Frost & Sullivan’s New Mega Trends, ‘impact on convergence in the future’ has identified 4 types of convergence: Products, Technologies, Industries and Competition.
SMU Professor Gary Greguras
17 Aug 2015
What is leader humility? Is leader humility in Singapore the same as elsewhere? How much do Singaporeans value humble behaviour from their leaders? SMU Professor Gary Greguras investigates.
SMU Assistant Professor Hsu Wen-Tai
17 Aug 2015
SMU Assistant Professor Hsu Wen-Tai uses mathematical models to study urban landscapes and what makes big and small cities different.
SMU Associate Professor Goh Beng Wee
17 Aug 2015
SMU Associate Professor Goh Beng Wee investigates the benefits and consequences of internal controls to corporate organisations.
Article picture
17 Aug 2015
Research on financial reporting and disclosure examines issues at the heart of business, say Professors Cheng Qiang and Holly Yang from the SMU School of Accountancy.
06 Aug 2015
Meet world-renowned speakers with hands-on knowledge on biotechnology - Kuala Lumpur, August 17-19, 2015
05 Aug 2015
IME and industry partners overcome limitations of IC packaging to enable higher density packages for more powerful and efficient electronic systems
02 Aug 2015
The Symposium is designed for promising young leaders who are committed to taking a leadership role in making the world a better place. The theme of this year is “Enrich, Educate, Enlighten” with over 800 young leaders from prestigious universities in 57 countries attending.
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29 Jul 2015
Printed Electronics is key in enabling smart packaging innovations, a fast growing market for industry.
INRA B Nicolas
19 Jul 2015
Two weeks ago, in a precursor event to COP21, over 2,000 top-of-their-field scientists gathered in Paris to present their ideas and solutions on how best to protect our world. This article is the first in a series based on the findings presented.
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06 Jul 2015
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) released a report on the PolyU Tourist Satisfaction Index (PolyU TSI) and the Tourism Service Quality Index (PolyU TSQI).
01 Jul 2015
In a recent panel discussion featuring key leaders in the financial services sector, one of the topics focussed on the financial services sector in search of managers with new skill sets to adapt to the changing industry.
23 Jun 2015
Researchers in Malaysia are recommending an assessment tool for measuring whether university graduates have the practical skills required to enter the work force.
GIL Japan
01 Jun 2015
Frost & Sullivan Japan will be hosting its flagship Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Japan summit in Tokyo, Japan once again on June 4, 2015 at the Tokyo American Club to discuss how “Convergence” and “The Connected World” will influence the way companies need to grow and innovate.
F&S Barry Lim
21 May 2015
Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) Congress takes place across eighteen cities annually and is a platform to discuss key trends, creating new possibilities, business models and opportunities.
18 May 2015
A team of students from The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus has won the HSBC Malaysia Business Case Challenge 2015.
InnovFest unBound 2015
28 Apr 2015
New programme supports entrepreneurs targeting the silver sector, with a $50,000 start-up fund
04 Apr 2015
Bangkok, April 2, 2015 – Frost & Sullivan today hosted the 2015 Growth, Innovation & Leadership summit in Bangkok, discussing Convergence of industries and digital transformation of the Thai economy.
02 Apr 2015
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) entered into an agreement today, with PolyU licensing the technology of the anti-heat stress construction uniform to the CIC.
30 Mar 2015
Researchers have, for the first time, mapped the rapid urban expansion that has occurred across the whole of East-Southeast Asia in the last decade.


09 Apr 2008
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - The event covers a wide variety of textile related topics.
20 Apr 2008
Singapore - This is touted as Asia’s Largest International Food and Hospitality Event. It aims to provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and discover new businesses.
03 Jun 2008
Taipei, Taiwan - Computex Taipei is heading into its 27th year to consolidate its standing as the world's second largest IT show and highlight Taiwan's position as the leading IT supplier to the world.
11 Apr 2008
Boao, Hainan Province, China - The event will offer participants a chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities influencing the region’s environmental future.
17 Nov 2008
bioLOGIC India 2008, India's MOST influential biopharmaceutical event is the ONLY international platform in India where internaional and indian biopharmaceutical industry leaders will convene to discuss biopharmaceutical manufacturing opportunities and best production/operation practices.
08 Apr 2008
New Delhi, India - The event will promote the importance of agro-industries for economic development and poverty reduction.
05 Apr 2008
Lima, Peru - Sustainable tourism is a key economic driver for the Asia-Pacific region, creating jobs and promoting investment and development. The meeting will discuss cultural tourism issues, and the possibility of making climate change one of the main issues for the meeting.
15 Apr 2008
Tokyo, Japan - Vibrant discussions are expected to be made mainly, but not limited to on the issues of environmental financing and emission trading and impediments preventing private sectors from actively being involved in this area.
07 Apr 2008
Geneva - This Symposium aims to take a first step towards more systematically matching the policy needs with the practical capacities to gather, analyze and extract key trends and findings from patent information.
07 Apr 2008
Singapore - ESOMAR is the world organisation for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies.
22 Apr 2008
Jeju, Korea - APSCC 2008 will provide a greater degree of business and networking opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region through an outstanding selection of CEO Roundtables, panel discussions, sessions and exhibits.
05 Apr 2008
Hokkaido, Japan - This is a gathering of the ministers in charge of development issues from the Group of Eight countries and the EC for the purpose of discussing current important issues in international development.
02 Apr 2008
BUCHAREST - will be the biggest NATO Summit, given the number of partners and other international organisations who will be present. Meetings with partners will be an integral part of the Summit, such as in the EAPC lunch, the NATO-Russia Council and the NATO-Ukraine Commission.
14 Apr 2008
Hong Kong - The International ICT Expo is a professional trade fair for information, communications and technology companies to showcase their state-of-the-art software solutions and services.
05 Jun 2008
"Strengthening Malaysia's Position as a Vibrant, Innovative and Competitive Financial Hub"
11 Mar 2008
The Model G8 Youth Summit 2008 will be held in Yokohama and Tokyo from 11 to 15 March, 2008. Participants will act as government representatives, secretaries, and sherpas to discuss a topic. A panel discussion will also be held in regards with environmental issues. Panelists include leading figures from various fields such as Prof. Heizo Takenaka.
01 Apr 2008
KL, Malaysia - This event, recognized as the biggest industry event in the region is all set welcome over 10,000 delegates and trade buyers from across Asia and the Middle-East.
04 Mar 2008
Guangzhou, Canton, China - Since the launch in 2000 Water China has become the largest and most important exhibition of its kind in China.
19 Jun 2008
Bangladesh - This event will be the most prestigious and exclusive International Exhibition devoted to focus on all kinds of Dyes and Fine & Specialty Chemicals and focus on emerging technology for the Process Industry.
02 Dec 2008
Singapore - This international event brings together more than 10,000 industry professionals to address the pertinent concerns of the Asian oil and gas industry.
07 May 2008
KL, Malaysia - This event is reputed to be THE EVENT that gathers the world's leading metalworking and precision engineering solution providers and top buyers in the manufacturing industry.
07 Mar 2008
Tokyo, Japan - This event touches on Translational Medicine/Technologies, Scientific Advances & R&D Strategies, Finding Partners and Collaborators.
28 Apr 2008
Bangkok, Thailand - Ethanol & Bioenergy 2008 will take closer look at the government mandates and policies from Asian nations that will drive biofuels development as well as the nexus of next generation biofuels which can be the answer to issues on energy and food security.
07 Apr 2008
Beijing, China - CIPPE has become the largest, most international and authoritative petroleum exhibition in mainland China, and also the largest petroleum show in Asia.
18 Mar 2008
Shanghai, China - TOC Asia attracts a great number of senior level decision makers from port authorities and terminals as well as ship owners and operators. With the new TOC format put in place the event will also attract a higher number of technical and operational managers from the worlds major shipping lines.
05 May 2008
Melbourne, Australia - Join the international and national visitors and delegates that are expected to share in the experience of Enviro 08. Enviro 08 offers a Conference and Exhibition.
17 Mar 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - More than 3,000 offshore oil & gas professionals are expected to attend this regional showcase for suppliers of products and services to the offshore industry.
27 Feb 2008
Jakarta, Indonesia - Be informed of the latest regulatory updates, economic trends and project developments that will enable strategy realization and optimization for your business.
30 Jan 2008
Tech Park 2008 is specially designed for global organizations intending and planning establishment of New centers. It will also showcase upcoming IT / Biotech Parks, IT specific SEZs and IT complexes in India.
28 Feb 2008
Chengdu, China - The event is a great way to connect with China's developer community and build relationships with decision-makers. Participate in the event's exhibition and conference to answer questions, introduce new products and open communication channels in this rapidly expanding market for embedded systems design.


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