09 Oct 2013
A large study of smartphone applications provides a baseline for comparing the security of different mobile providers
03 Oct 2013
Singapore, 3 October: Singapore’s SIMTech, a research institute of A*STAR initiated a Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) comprising four initiatives , with the support of SPRING Singapore, to offer manufacturing SMEs an integrated approach to boost productivity in the various phases of the manufacturing process.
02 Oct 2013
I²R, Singapore’s largest ICM research institute, and SMU are the first in Singapore to discover three security weaknesses in iOS 7, which Apple Inc. has recognised and rectified.
IMRE Prototype
30 Sep 2013
Singapore, 30 Sept 2013 - A*STAR’s IMRE and its partners have launched a new Nanoimprint Foundry that will develop, test-bed and prototype specially engineered plastics and surfaces for the specific purpose of commercialising the technologies.
16 Sep 2013
The Southeast Asian Macroeconomic Network, which is expected to formally launch in 2014, is the first of its kind in the region. It will include participants from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and possibly Laos, Indonesia, Mongolia, and China's Hunan Province.
12 Sep 2013
Singapore, 12 Sept 2013 – The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and A*STAR Data Storage Institute (DSI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to jointly develop innovative cloud computing-powered technological solutions for the benefit of local ICT companies.
11 Sep 2013
The University of Toronto’s strong academic and research performance continues to rank among the best in the world – and is ranked the best in Canada – in the 2013 QS World University Rankings.
Anti-Erasing Ink
10 Sep 2013
In a bid to enhance product authenticity and traceability, researchers of PolyU's Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology have developed an innovative Anti-Erasing Ink for use in various kinds of fast-moving consumer goods such as food, drink and drug packaging.
05 Sep 2013
Cloud solutions to accelerate local ICT companies’ adoption of technologies and overcome end-user challenges faced by the ICT industry
29 Aug 2013
Shimadzu Corporation will launch a new series of compact turbo molecular pumps with integrated power supplies for semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries. The new TMP-X series will contribute to reducing the costs and downsizing the footprint of manufacturing flat panel displays and semiconductor devices.
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21 Jul 2013
Professor Hoon Lee offers solutions for Korean tourism
ECTFE Poster
16 Jul 2013
The Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) at UNIST, S. Korea, is officially recognized as a PSM Affiliation. The first PSM program in Korea and Asia.
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16 Jul 2013
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics and OPUS Microsystems Collaborate to Advance Technology for Larger Screen Viewing Experience with Smartphones
11 Jul 2013
The projects include X-ray sterilisation for the MedTech industry, corrosion prevention and advanced precision metal machining for oil & gas, aerospace and MedTech industries.
09 Jul 2013
Singapore, 9 July – Reliability and performance issues are technical challenges in packaging solutions for compact sized consumer electronics and high power electronics. To overcome these issues, A*STAR’s IME and leading semiconductor companies formed the 12th Electronics Packaging Research Consortium (EPRC12).
08 Jul 2013
With a view to setting new standards for hotel rooms, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has joined hands with its teaching and research hotel, Hotel ICON, and organized a global competition to shape guestrooms of the future.
28 Jun 2013
Hong Kong, 28 June 2013 - PolyU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge (GSC) 2013 was awarded last night with the Gold Award of the University Division to University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and the Secondary School Division to Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies of South Korea.
22 Jun 2013
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and ELS Educational Services, a worldwide institution specializing in the teaching of English, has signed a pact for the language at the UPM campus.
22 Jun 2013
Opinion article by Jinshi Fujii of Waseda University – “How far can these ties be restored given the current state of Japanese cinema, which has become about as individualist and fragmented as it can get?”
14 Jun 2013
SINGAPORE, June 14, 2013 – ETPL (Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd), the technology transfer arm of A*STAR, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Asia News Network (ANN) to collaborate on projects and solutions aimed at the media and advertising industries.
12 Jun 2013
SERDANG, 10 June – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has teamed up with Australia's University of Newcastle to jointly offer post-graduate studies where the degrees conferred will bear the crests and authorizing signatures of the two universities.
06 Jun 2013
Atopic dermatitis or eczema was big business in Japan in the 1990's. Assistant Prof. Ushiyama interviewed patients in Japan and the UK. The article reviews the eczema business in Japan and the differences with the UK.
24 May 2013
The red mahseer is highly sought after by anglers and high end restaurants. Breeding them may be a bit easier now that UPM researchers have found the best feed combination.
20 May 2013
Opinion article by Associate Professor Sachiko Kuroda of the Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda University
10 May 2013
Singapore, 10 May 2013 – Lloyd’s Register (LR) and A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) have officially opened a joint laboratory, which will deliver innovative technological solutions to address the challenges faced by the marine, energy and offshore sectors.
08 May 2013
Singapore – 8 May 2013 – The Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), a research institute of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) announced two collaborations with ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) and Singapore Power in the areas of Software Defined Communications systems and Grid Networks respectively.
Picture 520
08 May 2013
It’s no secret that traditional crops such as millets and pulses are highly nutritious. Now researchers, working with women in Ethiopia and India are making it easier for them to use these local crops when cooking healthy meals at home and creating new business ventures.
01 May 2013
Issues relating to the size of manufacturing firms are central to the discussion of development strategies. This book offers an interpretation of growth trajectories in the size-structure of enterprises in the manufacturing sector of selected Asian economies.
24 Apr 2013
The government of Timor-Leste has developed a National Aquaculture Development Strategy, designed to help reduce high levels of poverty and chronic malnutrition throughout the country.
22 Apr 2013
S Cube Design Lab, designers from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) received the Silver A’Design Award at the A’DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION with “Puncheart”, a squeeze punch. More than 4500 art works from about 140 countries entered this competition.


15 May 2007
Hong Kong - Growing environmental awareness and regulatory pressures are driving companies to look at alternative materials. Bioplastics could be one of the solution to address the problem.
14 May 2007
Shenzhen, China - Hear from the industry’s key players about the latest developments in the petrochemical industry.
14 May 2007
KL, Malaysia - You will gain valuable insights on the latest from production to demand of natural gas, as well as what to look forward in Asia in the next 5 years.
18 Oct 2007
Mumbai, India -- A 2 days Conference will feature world-class business leaders who will analyse latest global transportation and logistics issues in the Southern Asia region and the impact on global shipping.
27 Sep 2007
Bangkok, Thailand -- This year's event will be a gathering of 350 senior executive decision makers from Asia's leading shippers.
12 Jun 2007
Johor, Malaysia -- This is the largest annual Container Ports, Shipping, and Transport Logistics Exhibition and Conference in the ASEAN region and one of the largest throughout Asia.
19 Jun 2007
Singapore - As the Asia Pacific region continues to be one of the fastest growing market opportunity with a huge untapped potential for IT services and solutions, the event has grown to become a notable enabler, critical to the success of both Asia Pacific-grown and International IT services providers aspiring for expansion throughout the region.
24 Apr 2007
KL, Malaysia - Achieving a holistic approach by optimising drilling, completion and production to mitigate risks and reduce operating costs.
11 Jun 2007
Tokyo, Japan - This excellent conference brings together a group of world experts. Not only does it provides business opportunity, it also gives you a greater understanding of how to tackle the Japanese market.
06 Nov 2007
Hong Kong - This event brings together experts for an in-depth analysis of the most important and practical issues facing the industry
21 Aug 2007
BEIJING - This event brings together top experts and regulators to give you more information that will help you to plan the best waste management program to give you the competitive edge that you need!
10 May 2007
Singapore - The event will bring together over 250 of the region's leading buy-side dealers, hedge fund managers, brokers, traders, exchange representatives, regulators and solution providers.
21 May 2007
Goa, India - This highly successful 2-day summit addresses issues that make a difference to market players’ growth objectives by bringing together the best minds under one roof.
16 May 2007
Tokyo, Japan - This Conference will bring together top business figures and government leaders from around the world to explore Asia’s economic future in the context of Japan’s resurgence and the next steps in globalization.
24 Apr 2007
Hong Kong - The demand for energy in Asia is spiraling and as countries in the region continue their rapid pace of development, Asia’s thirst for energy will be more difficult to satisfy. What the effects of the region’s rising energy needs? What is the impact on the environment and what are the policy implications for the region?
07 Jun 2007
Shanghai, China - Speakers from the international scene will share their vast knowledge and experience with fellow colleagues in Asia, making it an ideal platform for East-West connections.
14 May 2007
The purpose of the seminar will be to promote the development of life insurance in Asia, to study relevant issues together, to share information, and to create a dialogue with one another.
16 Apr 2007
Adelaide, Australia- At their second meeting for 2007, Senior Officials will discuss progress on the main tasks for the year and prepare for the Economic Leaders' Meeting in September.
27 May 2007
With the theme 'Responding to a World of Higher Oil Prices and Environmental Challenges: Energy Security through Efficiency and Diversity', the Meeting provides the opportunity to strengthen the APEC Energy Security Initiative.
28 May 2007
Next Generation Networks Asia 2007 will bring together leaders of today and tomorrow who want to be informed on the latest directions and innovation in NGN and how they impact business process reengineering and consumer services.
15 May 2007
This is a unique gathering of contact center executives concerned with strategic, tactical and implementation issues to meet business and operational challenges. The program is designed to illuminate on critical concerns and new developments, as well as showcase best practices, with a view to making contact centers true generators of value.
27 Apr 2007
This summit brings together experts and leaders from Indian and Global Life Sciences Industry to identify and debate the emerging opportunities in the Contract Services segment.
01 Jun 2007
The Conference is intended to bring together researchers engaged in Management, Economics and related fields from Europe, Asia and other parts of the World.
25 Apr 2007
His Excellency, Mr Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia will deliver a lecture entitled “New Developments in the Caspian and South Caucasus: A View from Georgia”, at RUSI on 25 April 2007.
16 May 2007
POGEE Conference brings together one of the largest international gathering of energy professionals and industry leaders to explore business opportunities in this part of the world.
23 May 2007
The focus is "Moving Forward with Biofuels – From Feedstocks to Exports". The topics include Investing in Philippines, Comparison of biofuels feedstocks, Latest findings on Jatropha, How biofuels be blended with conventional fuels and Outlook of Biofuels offtakes in Europe, USA, Japan/Korea
16 May 2007
MTA Malaysia 2007 is reputed to be THE EVENT that gathers world’s leading metalworking and precision engineering solution providers and top buyers in the manufacturing industry.
29 May 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Leading broadcasters in Asia-Pacific will meet at AMS 2007 to examine business models and strategies in addressing the industry’s many challenges - the explosion of new channels, new technologies, audience fragmentation, media globalization and changing consumer patterns.
24 Jul 2007
This conference is intended to encourage a wide range of participants to discuss the approaches in integrating biotechnology innovation with business opportunities in an attempt to nurture emerging enterprises and establish a thriving biotech industry.
03 Apr 2007
This is known as the premier exhibition in the petroleum and petrochemical industries in China and has 6 successful events in a row.


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