23 Feb 2014
The Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) held the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award Presentation Ceremony on 21 February, followed by a forum on “Raising Productivity through Knowledge Management” to promote the best KM practices in Hong Kong.
20 Feb 2014
WCS commends Indonesian Government for adopting new law prohibiting fishing and trade of manta rays
20 Feb 2014
14 awards in HIT, telemedicine, biotech, life sciences, pharma and medical technology
20 Feb 2014
Unprecedented Transformation in Care Delivery across Australia and Asia-Pacific to drive Innovation and Efficiency
17 Feb 2014
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) presented a total of 33 Outstanding Student Awards to 26 top full-time undergraduate students, among which eight students received “Outstanding Student Award of Faculty/School” and one received “The Most Outstanding PolyU Student Award”
05 Feb 2014
University of Malaya (UM) held a signing ceremony of dual PhD programme agreement between itself and University of Nottingham on 24th January. The agreement will enable candidates pursuing PhD under this programme to be awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from UM and University of Nottingham each upon graduation.
05 Feb 2014
SINGAPORE, 5 February 2014 - DBS Bank and A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) today announced an agreement to set up a Joint Lab leveraging the research institute’s capabilities in developing new and innovative products and services. This partnership is part of an ongoing journey by DBS to shape the future of banking.
24 Jan 2014
NEW YORK (January 23, 2014) — The Wildlife Conservation Society announced today the arrest of a wildlife trader in Indonesia who specialized in smuggling live animals including baby primates and komodo dragons.
17 Jan 2014
Held at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, it showcased 12 final collections of six outfits designed by students from PolyU’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing (ITC), majoring in intimate apparel.
08 Jan 2014
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is now inviting applications for its 2014/15 taught postgraduate programmes.
The gaharu
02 Jan 2014
The research presented include laxative tea from Agarwood, inducing young trees and leaves and stems to produce the resin and sustainable methods of extraction for the prized incense that can cost up to US$10,000 a kilo.
11 Dec 2013
Power shortages are a major issue after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This technology will enable houses and buildings to conserve energy even in times of highly power demand and could help avoid scheduled blackouts. This test is the first attempt of its kind in Japan.
26 Nov 2013
"Why do we need a new secrecy law now? What are the reasons to justify this legislation?" Prof. Asaho Mizushima of Waseda University explains more.
26 Nov 2013
Opinion article on Japan's labor deregulation in the new strategic economic zones by Prof. Yutaka Harada of Waseda University
26 Nov 2013
Singapore, 26 Nov 2013 – A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME), GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MI) will collaborate to develop and advance micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technologies for automotive, aerospace, consumer, healthcare, industrial, and mobility applications.
22 Nov 2013
Singapore, 22 Nov 2013: A*STAR has launched the Industrial Additive Manufacturing (AM) Programme to develop a number of critical technologies to grow an internationally competitive AM industry in support of the manufacturing sector in Singapore, particularly the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, marine and precision engineering industries.
20 Nov 2013
The intranasal spray was developed using local isolated bacterium that was found to provide better protection against infections by Mannheimia haemolytica bacterium than imported vaccines.
20 Nov 2013
A recently isolated bacterial strain converts waste from palm oil production into industrially useful lactic acid
14 Nov 2013
Backed by strong support from the government and industry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has garnered more momentum for the advancement of aviation services research in Hong Kong through its partnership with industry leader Boeing.
14 Nov 2013
Another innovative idea from the UNIST ‘Project M’ team was awarded the Gold Prize in the 2014 KEPCO Electricity Technology Idea Contest. This is an idea about developing a smartphone application that monitors the usage of household electricity and helps to save it.
14 Nov 2013
On 12th November 2013, A*STAR officially launched the Technology Adoption Programme (TAP), its latest initiative to provide SMEs with greater accessibility to practical and affordable technology solutions to boost productivity
Petronas Panorama
14 Nov 2013
”If Malaysia is to join the top flight of international financial centres, it must leverage its status as an established Islamic finance hub. And it must address the challenges associated with the supply of high quality human capital.” - Opinion article from Prof. Christine Ennew
08 Nov 2013
In a paper published in the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Bhadeshia introduces the world’s first bulk nanostructured metal in commercial production.
01 Nov 2013
UNIST signed an MOU for setting up a joint technology holding company, with three science and technology specialized universities: KAIST, GIST, and DGIST, on 28 Oct, 2013.
17 Oct 2013
About 12 million people in 23 East Asian cities are at risk from rising sea levels, severe storms, and more intense drought caused by climate change that could jeopardize $864 billion in assets, a new report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) warns.
15 Oct 2013
Diffraction grating elements for 633 nm to 1064 nm waveband with 1600 lines/mm, exhibit a diffraction efficiency of 98%—the highest in this category of technology. This feature is important for expansion and compression of laser pulses for light sources used in laser processing.
14 Oct 2013
More than 120 global leaders from higher education, private and public sectors, to discuss the promotion of economic growth through knowledge creation and entrepreneurship
10 Oct 2013
A*STAR and KITECH MoU paves the way for joint research in sustainable chemicals
09 Oct 2013
A large study of smartphone applications provides a baseline for comparing the security of different mobile providers
03 Oct 2013
Singapore, 3 October: Singapore’s SIMTech, a research institute of A*STAR initiated a Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) comprising four initiatives , with the support of SPRING Singapore, to offer manufacturing SMEs an integrated approach to boost productivity in the various phases of the manufacturing process.


11 Jul 2007
2007 Theme is Asian Universities - promoting quality and equal opportunity through global partnership.
28 Nov 2007
Leeds, UK - As the ‘new Asians' increasingly extend their operations into foreign markets, a number of implications for established companies, especially for European and Japanese MNEs, are becoming apparent. This event explores this and more.
18 May 2007
Asialink's biennial conference on business and career opportunities in and with Asia will: showcase career opportunities highlight business success stories provide an opportunity for networking and exchange increase understanding of the factors that are leading to commercial success in the region
03 May 2007
Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore : The lecture would focus on the seeming contradictions of Indian trajectories in demography, education, and development; and at the same time prophesize on some simulated mileposts of success or failure in future.
11 Sep 2007
Hong Kong - Asia’s premier annual meeting place for regional investors and top-performing international hedge fund managers - Hedge Funds World Asia 2007 - returns for its 10th year! This year, we are ROARING to bring you even bigger and better event for 2007 where we will be celebrating our decade of success!
26 Sep 2007
Bangkok, Thailand - Food ingredients are in huge demand in South East Asia – and Fi Asia 2007 will enable you to bring yours to more customers in this dynamic growth area.
05 Sep 2007
Bangkok, Thailand - The new international trade fair for fruit and vegetable marketing in Asia will allow exporters in the southern hemisphere to promote growth in Asia.
30 May 2007
This is Asia’s largest food ingredients and additives event.
05 Dec 2007
Tokyo, Japan - Hedge Funds World Japan 2007 is the premier annual meeting place for Japanese pension funds, insurance companies, private banks, international asset allocators and top-performing hedge fund managers
11 Oct 2007
Hong Kong - Converging media – converging minds. Media360 will bring together clients, agencies and media owners in a unique forum to share insights that will put you one step ahead.
23 May 2007
Manila, Philippines - This event brings together the most influential people in the Biofuels industry to discuss the development and growth of biofuels. This conference goes beyond just providing information, it is where serious business takes place in a conducive environment.
15 May 2007
Hong Kong - Growing environmental awareness and regulatory pressures are driving companies to look at alternative materials. Bioplastics could be one of the solution to address the problem.
14 May 2007
Shenzhen, China - Hear from the industry’s key players about the latest developments in the petrochemical industry.
14 May 2007
KL, Malaysia - You will gain valuable insights on the latest from production to demand of natural gas, as well as what to look forward in Asia in the next 5 years.
18 Oct 2007
Mumbai, India -- A 2 days Conference will feature world-class business leaders who will analyse latest global transportation and logistics issues in the Southern Asia region and the impact on global shipping.
27 Sep 2007
Bangkok, Thailand -- This year's event will be a gathering of 350 senior executive decision makers from Asia's leading shippers.
12 Jun 2007
Johor, Malaysia -- This is the largest annual Container Ports, Shipping, and Transport Logistics Exhibition and Conference in the ASEAN region and one of the largest throughout Asia.
19 Jun 2007
Singapore - As the Asia Pacific region continues to be one of the fastest growing market opportunity with a huge untapped potential for IT services and solutions, the event has grown to become a notable enabler, critical to the success of both Asia Pacific-grown and International IT services providers aspiring for expansion throughout the region.
24 Apr 2007
KL, Malaysia - Achieving a holistic approach by optimising drilling, completion and production to mitigate risks and reduce operating costs.
11 Jun 2007
Tokyo, Japan - This excellent conference brings together a group of world experts. Not only does it provides business opportunity, it also gives you a greater understanding of how to tackle the Japanese market.
06 Nov 2007
Hong Kong - This event brings together experts for an in-depth analysis of the most important and practical issues facing the industry
21 Aug 2007
BEIJING - This event brings together top experts and regulators to give you more information that will help you to plan the best waste management program to give you the competitive edge that you need!
10 May 2007
Singapore - The event will bring together over 250 of the region's leading buy-side dealers, hedge fund managers, brokers, traders, exchange representatives, regulators and solution providers.
21 May 2007
Goa, India - This highly successful 2-day summit addresses issues that make a difference to market players’ growth objectives by bringing together the best minds under one roof.
16 May 2007
Tokyo, Japan - This Conference will bring together top business figures and government leaders from around the world to explore Asia’s economic future in the context of Japan’s resurgence and the next steps in globalization.
24 Apr 2007
Hong Kong - The demand for energy in Asia is spiraling and as countries in the region continue their rapid pace of development, Asia’s thirst for energy will be more difficult to satisfy. What the effects of the region’s rising energy needs? What is the impact on the environment and what are the policy implications for the region?
07 Jun 2007
Shanghai, China - Speakers from the international scene will share their vast knowledge and experience with fellow colleagues in Asia, making it an ideal platform for East-West connections.
14 May 2007
The purpose of the seminar will be to promote the development of life insurance in Asia, to study relevant issues together, to share information, and to create a dialogue with one another.
16 Apr 2007
Adelaide, Australia- At their second meeting for 2007, Senior Officials will discuss progress on the main tasks for the year and prepare for the Economic Leaders' Meeting in September.
27 May 2007
With the theme 'Responding to a World of Higher Oil Prices and Environmental Challenges: Energy Security through Efficiency and Diversity', the Meeting provides the opportunity to strengthen the APEC Energy Security Initiative.


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Giants in history

Physicist Narinder Singh Kapany (31 October 1926 – 4 December 2020) pioneered the use of optical fibres to transmit images, and founded several optical technology companies. Born in Punjab, India, he worked at a local optical instruments factory before moving to London for PhD studies at Imperial College. There, he devised a flexible fibrescope to convey images along bundles of glass fibres.
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (25 June 1936 – 11 September 2019) was an Indonesian engineer who was President of Indonesia from 1998 to 1999.
Rapee Sagarik (4 December 1922 – 17 February 2018) was Thailand’s renowned expert on orchids.
U Hla Myint (1920 – 2017) was a celebrated economist from Myanmar. Considered a prodigy, he was admitted to Rangoon University to study economics when he was just 14 years old. He went on to earn a Ph.D. at the London School of Economics (LSE).