01 Oct 2006
The September issue of this international journal from Keio University is now available online.
17 Aug 2006
The main theme of the symposium was “Designing the Future through Sports”, and the sessions focused on issues such as how sports contribute to our society and healthy living, and how we should engage in sporting activities.
14 Aug 2006
Researchers used this method to investigate in vivo the fate of various adult stem cells transplanted into the mouse ischemic brain. Results indicate that adult stem cells could be used as vehicles to introduce therapeutic genes into the central nervous system in an attempt to support brain recovery.
30 Jul 2006
Over the last 10 years, the most prominent developments in clinical medicine were the introduction of gene therapy and minimally invasive surgery. Basic scientific progress was so rapid that practical activities, teaching young fellows, clinical training of residents were left behind.
21 Jul 2006
Stenting is the reinforcement of an artery to prevent it from closing following surgery. The study finds that the use of sirolimus-eluting stent (SES) would be a cost-saving option as compared with bare metal stent (BMS) implantation within the context of the Japanese healthcare system.
13 Jul 2006
Adherence to antipsychotic treatment is an important aspect of long term management of schizophrenia and other related psychotic disorders. This study compared patients self-reports and clinician judgment of adherence behavior and explored their relationship with attitudes toward taking medication.
06 Jul 2006
IGF-I is an important signal during development, including brain growth. Impaired IGF-I signalling at the blood-brain-barrier by aging, inappropriate diet, sedentary life, stress, inflammatory mediators associated to illnesses and inheritance may underlie the influence of all these factors in development of Alzheimer’s disease.
03 Jul 2006
Perspectives in Medical Education, Chromosomal abnormalities subdivide neuroepithelial tumors into clinically relevant groups, Serum insulin-like growth factor I in brain function and many more
16 Jun 2006
The Development of Film Policy in Canada and Japan- From Cultural to Economic, The Impact of Ownership on Human and Budget Allocation: A Study of Local Japanese Newspapers, One Journey Through, Across and Around Communication and many others
17 Apr 2006
The Center follows the university’s overall research policy as authorized by the Organization for Research Advancement and Administration (ORAA). It also acts as a primary point of contact for any inquires concerning future industry-government-academia collaboration with Keio University.
03 Apr 2006
Each organization's resources (including technology, human resources and facilities) will be utilized in the area of information and communications, with a focus on fields such as broadband communications, ubiquitous computing and IP networking.
24 Mar 2006
The latest projects at KIEAS are Globalism, Regionalism and Localism in Asia, Influences of America’s Judicial Review in Asia, One Hundred Year since the Russo-Japanese War and Political Order in Southeast Asia; The Fukuzawa Center is a research institute to study modern Japanese history placing Yukichi Fukuzawa or Keio Gijuku in the eyesight.
16 Feb 2006
Through the DMC, Keio University aims to transform the way knowledge is provided to society as well as to support the changing modes of intellectual interaction.
12 Feb 2006
Conducting theoretical and empirical research on economic and industry studies in the context of the existing economic conditions of Japan.
01 Feb 2006
The Shido Bunko investigates Japanese and Chinese classical materials at home and abroad, the collection and arrangement of materials is microfilmed and digitalized, and the research by the bibliographical method.
20 Jan 2006
Keio Research Center for the Liberal Arts was founded in July 2002 in order to search for the ideal form and contents of the “liberal arts” to pass down to following generations.
19 Jan 2006
Keio University, Japan’s leading university, held an annual Science and Technology Exhibition on December 2nd 2005 which introduced its latest research achievements to the industries.
18 Jan 2006
The papers in this issue cover wide ranging topics including 3G wireless telecoms; the media and the pregnancy of Princess Masako; journalism in Japan; universal service - government vs. governance; the Japanese broadcasting market; Y2K and risk perception in newspapers
12 Jan 2006
G-SEC, has set up 3 Core Research Subjects (I) Studies on Global Innovation Systems, (II) Studies on Asian Security System and (III) Studies on Emerging Crisis for Human Security
06 Jan 2006
The institute promotes extensive research into the link between physical activities and mental and physical development, physical education, sport science, performance analysis while the research center looks into Safety Exercise Threshold, sports-wear; ergonomics etc
04 Jan 2006
For the past few years, the Institute has supported research projects on “Media Stereotyping,” “Power and Journalism,” “Internet Development and Civic Culture in Japan,” and “Content Distribution in the Asia and Pacific Regions.”
18 Dec 2005
The Institute investigates the nature of human cognitive capacities and socio-cultural interactions, adopting an interdisciplinary approach across humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
14 Dec 2005
This report gives readers an overview of the research activities within Keio University with excellent summaries of their achievements and current projects
11 Dec 2005
Results indicated that abnormal p16 methylation is an early frequent event that can contribute to the development of gastric cancer and may be a very important biomarker for diagnosis of the disease.
04 Dec 2005
It is perceived that with the continued Westernization of the Japanese diet, colon cancer will become more prevalent and more important for screening in Japan.
30 Nov 2005
This study has found that oleic acid, commonly found in palm oil and olive oil may have a positive effect in combating osteoporosis by enhancing bone formation.
27 Nov 2005
Adipose or fatty tissue appears to represent a potentially clinically useful source of cells for cellular therapy, tissue engineering and gene transfer applications
20 Nov 2005
This paper highlights a new method to detect damage of buildings after a severe natural disaster using middle resolution images resulting in wider coverage and lower cost.
23 Oct 2005
The September issue of The Keio Journal of Medicine is now online.
18 Oct 2005
Prof Setsuko Aoki, Dr Ken Jimbo and Prof. Naoyuki Agawa from Keio University, Japan


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