13 Jun 2006
Shares in the Modern Corporation : A Comparison Between Malaysian Companies Act 1965 and the Islamic Perspective; The Right of Return : Its Application to Palestinian Refugees; Genetics And Law : Protecting Genetic Privacy....
11 Jun 2006
Social sector spending in India includes poverty reduction interventions, expenditures in the fields of health, education and nutrition and social assistance and social welfare. Despite the fact that these programmes in India have a long history and are well established, it is particularly vulnerable to budget cuts for a number of reasons.
07 Jun 2006
IASSI Quarterly, an interdisciplinary social science journal, seeks to draw upon all social sciences in the application of available social knowledge to the solution of outstanding national and other problems
31 May 2006
Economic growth of a nation is closely related to its availability of energy. However, development of the Indian energy sector has been constrained by capital, technology, environment, and security issues arising from internal and external circumstances.
31 May 2006
Transmission services have to be provided as a separate item in a deregulated or vertically restructured electricity supply industry. Methods for transmission line fixed-cost allocation among the transmission transactions accounting for line capacity use are presented. The pros and cons of these allocation schemes are investigated and compared
18 May 2006
ICARDA is seeking a Director of Finance
08 May 2006
Using data obtained from an Indian software company, this study examines the effect of some important organizational factors on the “innovation” dimension of its employees, that is, the ability to generate and stimulate creativity and innovation.
07 May 2006
FuzzyXPest is an intelligent mobile Pest Management System that enables farmers to forecast the pest activity level before it can cause too much damage to the rice field. FuzzyXteem a similar advisory system which enables teachers to measure students academic self esteem using real time computation.
02 May 2006
The first paper suggests that Jordanian firms have target leverage ratios and they adjust to them relatively fast. The 2nd paper investigates the link between banking activities and macroeconomic performance in Malaysia with respect to the money and credit channel by studying the causal influence of banks’ assets and liabilities.
02 May 2006
The Journal is dedicated to the development, promotion and understanding of Islamic Economics in its widest sense, including issues related to management and accounting, in order to keep scholars and relevant institutions informed on research in the field of Islamic Economics.
29 Apr 2006
Market survey showed that LidiMan was highly effective and entertaining in disseminating cultural infotainment (100% agreement). It has potential in education, entertainment, tourism and advertisement.
18 Apr 2006
ICARDA seeks a Grants Management Officer
11 Apr 2006
eInfoC is a Web-based Information Centre that specialises in publishing, promoting, and marketing electronic contents. This Universiti Utara Malaysia initiative enables authors to receive payment through many different methods including SMS with an electronic receipt system.
03 Apr 2006
Each organization's resources (including technology, human resources and facilities) will be utilized in the area of information and communications, with a focus on fields such as broadband communications, ubiquitous computing and IP networking.
03 Apr 2006
World GDP is estimated to increase by 3.2 per cent in 2005, down from 3.8 in 2004, the slowdown stemming from a deceleration in industrial production and global trade. The turnaround was widespread, reaching virtually every economic region......
01 Apr 2006
The relative efficiency of Indian banks including private, foreign and public sector banks is analysed
29 Mar 2006
ICRA Bulletin covering all aspects of money and finace, which includes bank finance, securities, reserves, interest rates, liquidity, savings, credit, bonds, investments and much more
06 Mar 2006
Government agencies involved in poverty alleviation efforts can use the findings of this study as a take-off point in setting-up microfinance projects which will enhance the earning capabilities of women in poor communities
06 Mar 2006
This study compares men-owned and women-owned businesses - to find out how management style and strategies influence them. The results strongly suggest that certain differences between men and women business owners may be fundamental in nature.
12 Feb 2006
Conducting theoretical and empirical research on economic and industry studies in the context of the existing economic conditions of Japan.
10 Feb 2006
Recent advances in the use of lactic acid for the production of biodegradable thermoplastics and cosmetics (skin care, toiletries, hair care products) have created an impetus in the lactate industries, which spurs the growth of sago industries.
12 Jan 2006
G-SEC, has set up 3 Core Research Subjects (I) Studies on Global Innovation Systems, (II) Studies on Asian Security System and (III) Studies on Emerging Crisis for Human Security
09 Jan 2006
In his paper he suggests that the embedded diplomatic and security culture of the ‘ASEAN way’ is increasingly becoming counter-productive to the construction of a genuine security community
04 Jan 2006
This paper reflects upon the recent vigorous empirical and policy debate about whether significant mineral endowments are a blessing or a curse for the large number of developing nations that possess them.
30 Dec 2005
India is the third-largest coal miner after China and the US. This paper examines the illegal coal economy, attempts to explain it, provides some policy suggestions and an estimate of the amount of coal supplied in this manner throughout the eastern Indian coalfields of Jharkhand and West Bengal.
14 Dec 2005
The book should provide an interesting reading for policy-makers, reform consultants, and academics and help inculcate added pragmatism in their work on the electricity sector reforms.
11 Dec 2005
Why do power sector problems persist in Bangladesh? What can be done to solve them? This report assesses the barriers to accelerated electrification - in particular the barriers to rural electrification – and puts forward practical recommendations.
07 Dec 2005
There is a perception among potential investors in electricity distribution projects in India that the price-setting methodologies not conducive to long-term investments. This paper evaluates and shows that this need not be the case.
04 Dec 2005
In this paper, we use South Africa as a case study to discuss the relationship between access to finance, economic growth, and sustainable development.
27 Nov 2005
The author highlights the importance of acquiring knowledge of the multilateral rules for the least developed countries


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