25 Oct 2006
This paper presents accounts of the major developments in the Indian commodity, exchange rate and financial derivatives markets, and outlines the regulatory provisions that have been introduced to minimise misuse of derivatives.
22 Oct 2006
The October issue of GRC's Economic Research Bulletin is focused on the GCC mineral and mining industry
16 Oct 2006
This study found that group-owned newspapers aim to maximize profit by cutting the number of reporters, reducing the amount of non-advertising space in the newspaper, and cutting advertising space.
12 Oct 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is seeking a Human Resources Manager, who will be based at its headquarters in Aleppo, Syria.
12 Oct 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is seeking an Executive Assistant to the Director General, who will be reporting to the Director General (DG), as well as the Board Chair on matters related to the Board of Trustees.
12 Oct 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has an immediate vacancy for the position of an Agricultural Policy Specialist (P-level). The post holder will be based at ICARDA’s headquarters in Aleppo, Syria.
11 Oct 2006
Bilateral FTAs can jeopardize multilateral efforts at trade liberalization, as they are about establishing national spheres of influence and shielding them from competition.
10 Oct 2006
Suggestions that Europe is unable to offer concrete solutions to the region's problems indicate a misunderstanding of the actual nature of the challenge. Europe cannot replace the US in the Gulf but it can certainly provide alternatives and incentives where the current US approach falls desperately short.
10 Oct 2006
According to 2004 statistics, local films in Japan took in an estimated 35 % of the total revenue. By contrast the same year, Canadian feature films earned 4.3 % in Canada. This figure shows the big difference between Canada and Japan.
08 Oct 2006
The co-riparians of the Jordan River Basin (Lebanon, Syria, Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories and Jordan) suffer differing degrees of water stress. The quantification and attainment of their water rights is thus an important topic, especially as the demand for water is growing throughout the region as a whole.
01 Oct 2006
China is certainly an important portfolio addition, but its growth story is not as impeccable as portrayed usually. By trying to avoid dollar weakness in the US, Gulf investors could be hit by dollar weakness and declining exports in China instead.
20 Sep 2006
IDR aims to be the information center for major conflict in Thailand and internationally, to conduct research and management training in areas of natural resources, environment and public policy dispute cases.
18 Sep 2006
When the decreasing availability of freshwater is combined with the extent to which it is shared internationally, the potential for disputes between countries over this precious resource becomes obvious. How do states deal with these disputes?
10 Sep 2006
Oil constitutes more than 90 percent of all transport fuels and 35 percent of the world’s primary energy demand – no doubt, the world economy is addicted to oil and the Gulf countries have what everybody is longing for: They possess a breathtaking 61 percent of worldwide reserves and contribute 30 percent of production.
10 Sep 2006
The main point of departure for this study is that since the 1980s, changes in the international oil market have greatly lessened European dependence on oil supplies from the Gulf. The security of oil supplies became less pressing compared to maintaining stability in the Mediterranean.
01 Sep 2006
Induction of women in Indian mining is a non-traditional activity, and consequently there is a tendency to downplay the fact that women constitute an important segment of the workforce. This paper overviews the Indian Mines Act (1957) for providing employment to the women miners and investigates the daily employment of women in mines.
30 Aug 2006
India needs to rekindle people's entrepreneurship qualities particularly when it is at the threshold of becoming a leading economic power in the globalisation era. This paper gives many good examples of social entrepreneurship in India.
30 Aug 2006
Investment managers are judged by their ability to earn comparable returns over shorter time periods. This paper attempts to study the superior stock picking skill of fund managers based on the returns realized on the stocks they hold and trade.
29 Aug 2006
Susumu Onishi, former president of Elsevier's health sciences division Excerpta Medica, has joined MMC in Tokyo as consultant director to help build the Japan unit under the leadership of Antoine Bocquet, director of MMC in Japan, who also retains his position as Associate Director of Nature Publishing Group (NPG) in the Asia-Pacific region.
11 Aug 2006
India is on its way to have a ‘crispy revolution’ due to emerging growth and rapid progress in potato processing sector. Growing urbanization and changing food habit have made the potatoes leave the tables and take the refuge in packets or pouches at everybody's pleasure across the generation gap.
31 Jul 2006
1) Marketers have not been able to tap opportunities in the rural Indian market because of their failure to address the issue of affordability. (2) Most CEOs continue to be troubled by their inability to achieve success through market growth and find it easier to direct their efforts towards making organisations lean and ‘mean’
28 Jul 2006
This policy paper on Aquaculture Productivity determines sources of growth of the aquaculture industry, identify problems constraining the growth and threshes out issues and concerns that must be attended to for sustained growth of the aquaculture industry.
28 Jul 2006
The recent fish kill that wiped out 80% of the fish cages in Lake Taal, Batangas with an estimated loss of P50 million was caused by a phenomenon known as lake overturn, according to specialists of the Los Baños-based PCAMRD
28 Jul 2006
As global competition drives corporations, managers frequently rely on country risk analysis as a crucial aspect of strategic decision-making. The paper examines the effect of various economic and political factors on country risk ratings published by Euromoney and Institutional Investor.
25 Jul 2006
This study attempts to establish a link between organizational culture and managerial thinking. This kind of analysis would help managers to adopt tactics to effectively deal with people in a cultural context.
21 Jul 2006
Stenting is the reinforcement of an artery to prevent it from closing following surgery. The study finds that the use of sirolimus-eluting stent (SES) would be a cost-saving option as compared with bare metal stent (BMS) implantation within the context of the Japanese healthcare system.
11 Jul 2006
Nearly 70 per cent of the population in India is dependent on agriculture. The Indo-Gangetic Plain is agriculturally the most fertile region of the country and boasts of nearly 36 per cent of the bovine population of the country.
06 Jul 2006
This book epitomizes the multidisciplinary expertise (linking economics, management, financial and cost accounting, and engineering) that electricity regulatory commissions must harness to effectively regulate the sector, despite high government ownership, strong utility–government linkages, inefficiencies, and weak commercial attitudes.
06 Jul 2006
A critical view on emerging outsourcing business in Asian countries
19 Jun 2006
Information Technology in the Caribbean manufacturing firms: An industrial survey


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