02 Jan 2008
Peatlands and peat swamp forests account for 70% of the total wetland areas in Malaysia. With rapid development and mounting population pressures on the natural resources, these areas are under threat. This paper introduces an on-going project to conserve the wetlands through projects in 3 states.
12 Dec 2007
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has appointed world-renowned architect Ms Zaha Hadid as the Architect of its new “Innovation Tower”. This building will be her first permanent architectural work in Hong Kong.
28 Nov 2007
The 1997 Asian financial crisis has helped to further regional financial and monetary cooperation. The purpose of this paper is to examine these efforts, their recent developments, and to predict the prospects of such cooperation.
20 Nov 2007
Concerns about national security have induced U.S. immigration authorities to limit the number of foreign research students in universities. This study reviews how the presence of international students contributes to publications and patents awarded to universities and how key East Asian economies can take advantage of this.
14 Nov 2007
The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) has published series of nine Working Papers on the state of Compensation for Environmental Services in three continents – Africa, Asia and Latin America.
11 Nov 2007
Since 2004, China has amended its treatment of foreign investments to attract higher-quality foreign investment and upgrade processing exports in order to transform itself from a world sweatshop to a global manufacturing center. The policies appear to have the intended effects.
07 Nov 2007
ASEAN is considering an East Asian Free Trade Agreement. Can ASEAN remain in the driver's seat of regional integration and be an effective hub? The FTA proliferation also has important consequences and effects for East Asia and the world trading system.
02 Nov 2007
The Tokyo University of Science and Korea University signed an academic exchange agreement. Established in 1905 and located in Seoul, Korea University is the Republic of Korea's top private university. It ranks only behind Seoul National University in terms of prestige.
30 Oct 2007
The study examines the content of websites featuring prospective brides from the Philippines and Thailand. It explains how and why the representation of Thai and Filipino women on intermarriage websites involves power and violence thus creating unequal Third World-First World power relations that are embedded in international migration circuits.
28 Oct 2007
When corrupt business alliances collectively wield more economic clout than some sovereign states, what can be done?
28 Oct 2007
The AssessUrBook initiative opens up a new dimension in examination and assessment approaches for basic accounting.
23 Oct 2007
Newly appointed Macmillan CEO Annette Thomas today announced that Steven Inchcoombe, currently Macmillan’s International Director, will become Managing Director of Nature Publishing Group (NPG) with immediate effect.
18 Oct 2007
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – The world’s major rice-producing nations – including China and India – are calling for closer collaboration in efforts to feed Asia’s billions of rice consumers in the face of unprecedented new challenges.
17 Oct 2007
Research conducted over the period of 10 years among rural women entrepreneurs in Malaysia revealed that women’s involvement in micro enterprise contributed significantly (about 30%) to the family income and was able to bring the family out of poverty.
08 Oct 2007
Research by the Asian Institute of Technology has shown that companies which include corporate social responsibilities within their corporate strategies will be the successful companies of the future.
04 Oct 2007
The issue of social reproduction is becoming central to the increasingly marginalized status of migrants both in Thailand and in Burma, particularly the issue of babies born to Burmese migrant workers in Thailand, which is creating a whole generation of stateless children.
03 Oct 2007
Nature reports on how the National Science Foundation (NSF) is looking into how researchers account for time spent on federally funded projects. Auditors have found that the records kept are often not accurate, undermining the ability of the NSF to ensure that its grants are spent appropriately.
03 Oct 2007
Through many decades, the Golden Triangle, led by Myanmar, has been competing with the 'Golden Crescent' --the poppy-growing region in and around Afghanistan, and originally including also Turkey -- for the position of the main opium-producing area in the world.
28 Sep 2007
Keio University receives approval from MEXT for its merger with Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy and establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
19 Sep 2007
According to the latest research report on “Customer Perceived Value in Hong Kong’s Retail Sector” conducted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)’s Faculty of Business, both local and non-local shoppers are becoming less satisfied with the services of Hong Kong’s retail sector.
16 Sep 2007
The partnership, which also includes Keio’s affiliated high school in New York State, aims to promote student and research exchange, and to explore various other possibilities for collaboration between the three schools.
15 Sep 2007
Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of shrimps, yet its share of the world largest shrimp market - the European Union - is proportionally far lower. This project aims to understanding the problems and devise solutions and training to boost the incomes of many poor farmers and improve access to the European Union market.
15 Aug 2007
The common garden onion is an indicator of arsenic contamination in the environment, The wealth in China follows the same probability distribution as in many other developed economies and more from Nature China
07 Aug 2007
Almost 95 percent of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region are SMEs. While ICT can benefit them, they have been slow to adopt ICT due to many reasons. This e-Primer, with a foreword by Kim Hak-Su discusses benefits ICT brings to SMEs, explores uses, surveys past policies and programmes and recommends policy options for interested governments.
24 Jul 2007
The paper evaluates the effects of reducing higher income tax rates in New Zealand. The results indicates that reduction in higher income tax rates would improve New Zealand’s long run economic performance if it were financed by a decline in non-productive government spending and/or increase in revenue from other less distortional taxes.
20 Jul 2007
This is a Call for Proposals on how developing countries can access technologies and information contained in existing patents to enhance innovative research at the national level.
20 Jul 2007
High-level delegates from Canada and Vietnam met in Hanoi, Vietnam, on June 11, 2007 to discuss economics, trade, and the work of long-time IDRC partner, the Vietnam Economic Research Network (VERN), at a luncheon meeting hosted by the Centre.
20 Jul 2007
IDRC's Innovation, Technology and Society (ITS) program invites proposals under these 4 headings - Limiting Patentability, Exempting Research, Accessing IP and Fostering Collaboration
19 Jul 2007
The paper evaluates the option of changing the fully funded individual account in China to a notional defined contribution individual account that operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. The change will keep the advantages of the individual account and avoid huge risks caused by China’s immature capital market.
18 Jul 2007
This APDIP e-Note highlights possible solutions for bridging the gap between ICT skill demand and supply.


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