18 Jul 2007
Selangor, Malaysia - In conjunction with this collaboration, BGBSB would set up a BGBSB – UiTM Research & Development Centre to provide facilities for UiTM researchers to improve and enhance the quality of research products especially products which are biotechnologically related.
05 Jul 2007
This paper compares the relationships between export orientation and technological intensities in auto part firms in East and Southeast Asia. The findings show that the relationship between export intensity and technological intensity are different depending on the ownership of the firms.
04 Jul 2007
This paper examines how East Asia’s management of funds could exacerbate USA’s twin deficit problem and thus triggering global imbalances.
03 Jul 2007
This paper in the latest issue of Asian Economic Papers analyses the relationships between changing demographics, saving and current account balances and shows the impact of an aging population on global capital flows.
25 Jun 2007
EEPSEA is inviting researchers from Southeast Asia to submit proposals for the November Competition. The Deadline for proposal submission is August 1. The guidelines for research proposal could be downloaded from
22 Jun 2007
Telecentres are being promoted as an answer to the problems of the digital divide as there are still large sections of society that do not enjoy access to ICTs and are therefore at risk of being excluded from the socio-economic benefits that such access brings. Telecentres have been springing up across developing Asia.
19 Jun 2007
The author, John Taylor, under secretary of Treasury for International Affairs (2001-2005), was largely responsible for the creation of teams of "financial warriors" -- an international coalition of mostly anonymous experts from state agencies, international financial institutions and private businesses.
04 Jun 2007
Global Savings–Investment Imbalances: What Role for East Asia, Demographic Changes, Saving, and Current Account in East Asia, Export Orientation and Technological Intensities in Auto Parts Firms in East and Southeast Asia: Does Ownership Matter and many more.
01 Jun 2007
The latest breakthrough from UPM is a Recombinant Vaccine for Mannheimiosis, a vaccine that provides a broad protection against pneumonia in goats and sheep caused by Mannheimia haemolytica.
01 Jun 2007
What role should governments play in protecting the environment and controlling the environmental impacts of industry? Do regulations benefit the environment, and how do they affect industrial innovation?
01 Jun 2007
The research must be located in a disadvantaged region in one of the following four RPE priority regions: the Sahel Belt of West Africa; the Nile Basin; South Asia; the Mekong Delta; or the Philippines. The deadline is Friday June 29, 2007
22 May 2007
An accounting educational computer-based learning courseware, GenerReS was developed as an innovative pedagogical tool for financial accounting.
02 May 2007
A study presents the habit formation utility function, particularly, the external habit model, as a resolution to the equity premium puzzle encountered in the estimation of the Consumption Capital Asset Pricing Model (C-CAPM).
01 May 2007
It took nearly 140 years for Asia to develop a prosperous Asian communications industry. This paper tells the story of why it took so long by focusing on a Danish telegraph company who monopolised the telecommunications industry in the region from the mid-19th century until quite recent times.
16 Apr 2007
In the twentieth century nationalism has been considered a disintegrative force embraced by peoples who fought for independence from colonial rule. The number of states in the international system grew rapidly as a result, from 50 states in 1900 to about 200. This volume suggests that few new states will form in the next generation.
25 Mar 2007
Nearly three-and-a-half decades after Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al-Maktoum visited India, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum is scheduled to visit India on March 26
13 Mar 2007
The study explores CSR conception and implications in context of Bangladesh and illustrates practices in specific industry sector in particular. In keeping with global movement, CSR is being seen as the source of new competitive edge for the companies operating in Bangladesh.
02 Mar 2007
Tobacco is a crop as addictive to growers in the developing world as it is to any user. For them, dependency is economic rather than physical or psychological – but while ready cash is attractive, farmers are beginning to realize that growing tobacco is threatening the health of their families, their land, and their local ecosystems.
27 Feb 2007
The 6th ICSR will be returning to Malaysia and hosted by MARA University of Technology. The conference is intended to be interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from anyone who has a perspective on this important issue.
21 Feb 2007
The winter 2007 issue of AEP is now available at MIT Press Journals. AEP comprises selected articles and summaries of discussions from the meetings of the Asian Economic Panel.
20 Feb 2007
This competition aims at orienting Research and Development activities in Arab universities to tackle real needs and problems, and foster business-oriented results.
14 Feb 2007
Most Indians not working in agriculture rely on the country’s large “traditional” or informal sector for their livelihood. Those employed in the country’s “modern” economy work in small firms, with fewer than six employees, or in large establishments of 300 or more workers. In between is a yawning divide.
13 Feb 2007
The book suggests that the US agenda in Iraq was about oil, but not about oil in the simple sense many believed. This war (2003) was not an issue of corporate greed but about geopolitical power above all.
02 Feb 2007
Some untoward incident like boycott from the importer has taught the local business community about the immense importance of CSR and adoption of this modern and competitive practice is gradually increasing in Bangladesh.
24 Jan 2007
These include home hydroponics, converting feathers into fish meal, biogas from pineapple peels, increasing nutritional content of shellfish, supply & development of modern proteins, RFID reader modules for retail businesses, melt & recycle waste styropor in cooking oil and glass ceramic dental bone implant from Pinatubo volcanic ejecta & bone ash.
28 Dec 2006
Tokyo University of Science has once again been awarded the the long-term credit rating of "AA- / Outlook Stable" for 2006 by the US rating company Standard & Poor's (S&P).
26 Nov 2006
Governments meeting this week are being urged to take a new approach to intellectual property rights to reflect the needs, customs and views of indigenous communities in developing nations.
26 Nov 2006
This article tries to shed some light on the possible collaboration between organized criminal groups dealing with drugs, and terrorists, and thereby seeks to explore the linkages between the two global wars – the war on terrorism and the war on drugs.
07 Nov 2006
IUBAT practices a seed-model of KBAD providing repayable loans to students enabling them to break out of poverty trap which if extended in wider scale in any society, could lead to community self reliance.
01 Nov 2006
Tokyo University of Science (Chairperson, Board of Governors - Takeyo Tsukamoto) was awarded an AA- rating by the reputed American credit ratings company 'Standard and Poors'. AA- is fourth from top in long-term credit rating rankings. The outlook on this rating is stable.


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