02 Apr 2009
IPS Asia-Pacific is looking for an editor to oversee editorial production for the region. Duty station: Bangkok, Thailand
31 Mar 2009
Sugarcane conversion into biofuel is cost-effective with petroleum fuel when oil prices are high; it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diversifies energy sources. Ethanol production from sugarcane may look good at the outset but do these rewards true to its form?
27 Mar 2009
Under the Abe administration in 2007, the then minister Watanabe hammered out the public service reform as an eye-catcher for an Upper House election. He advertised his enthusiasm for the reform by establishing two conferences related to the public service reform immediately before the election.
17 Mar 2009
One of India's foremost economists, Dr. Isher Ahluwalia, will be in Ottawa on March 18 as part of The India Lectures organized by Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC). She will discuss India's prospects in light of the current international economic crisis.
15 Mar 2009
In early March, ResearchSEA sent out detail of experts in these subjects to journalists. This information is now posted on ResearchSEA for the benefit of other users.
27 Feb 2009
Keio University's President Anzai participated for his third time in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting attended by world leaders in Davos.
11 Feb 2009
At Sri Lanka’s largest agricultural market a large projection screen overlooks 12 acres of stalls brimming with produce. Traders at the Dambulla market consult the screen to receive up-to-the-minute pricing information on produce being sold in the market.
11 Feb 2009
Cananda's IDRC in partnership with CIGI has helped build a pioneering research network on poverty and inequality in China
02 Feb 2009
Up until last September, we thought the U.S. financial and economic crisis was just “fire on the other side of the Pacific.” Now we know otherwise: this America originated crisis is striking Japanese corporations directly.
02 Feb 2009
Originating with the US subprime loan situation, it’s not just the worldwide financial crisis that is causing problems — there is a growing and strong impact on the real economy.
02 Feb 2009
Financial instability triggered by the subprime-mortgage problem due to the decline in housing prices in the Unites State has drastically increased since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers last September.
15 Jan 2009
The title for this contest is "Since the world faces many challenges in 2009 including a global economic crisis, climate change, political upheavals and more, what are Asia’s main challenges in 2009 and how will you be affected?" Closing date is 31 March 2009.
15 Jan 2009
Experts on President Obama's inauguration, The Global Economy, Provincial Elections in Iraq, 30th Anniversary Celebrations of The Islamic Revolution in Iran, Chinese New Year and The Year of the Ox and The International Year of Astronomy
15 Jan 2009
How will be the Obama administration influence the rest of the world? – What Burden-sharing will This Cool Realist Demand? –
08 Jan 2009
The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development presents the patented inventions and registered utility models of faculty-researchers of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman.
06 Jan 2009
The phrase “corporate governance” spread rapidly throughout Japan from around the late 1990s. When looking at newspaper articles, the frequency of usage for the phrase “corporate governance” suddenly increased in 1997, in the midst of a worsening bank crisis and bad debt problems.
14 Dec 2008
While current events may not mark the end of capitalism, its golden age is surely over. It is time to allow other systems to emerge and co-exist. Here, the Islamic option, as a whole or in part, must be seriously considered.
12 Dec 2008
Highlights from the Asia Media Forum include Thailand Bans 'The Economist', LEBANON: New Provocative Magazine Defies Norms, INDIA/PAKISTAN: Hoax Call Hyped by Media - Get Hostilities to Brink, Corruption in the Eyes of a Young Journo and Media Complicity in Mumbai Terror
10 Dec 2008
Minister of Higher Education, Dato' Seri Khaled Nordin informed the media that the ministry has allocated grant worth of RM25mil to GSM-UPM with a budget of RM13.5mil for infrastructure and the other RM11.5mil is intended for developing human capital.
09 Dec 2008
Vietnam aims to be a developed country by 2020. With foreign direct investments hitting the record level of more than US$60 billion this year the goal is most likely to be achieved. Still, Vietnam cannot totally ignore the many other challenges that accompany development
26 Nov 2008
The agreement marks the first MBA double degree set up by Keio Business School with a school from another country at MBA level, as well as this is the first time that ESSEC has established such a partnership with a Japanese Business School.
21 Nov 2008
The study by the researcher at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak investigates the service quality provided in Bako National Park by evaluating tourist’s expectation relative to their actual experience while visiting the park. Complaints from tourists have been heard indicating that the services provided need attention from its management.
20 Nov 2008
This book addresses the growth of regional trade agreements (RTAs) which have mushroomed since the 1990s, and considers their potential as a tool for reducing inter- and intra-state conflict.
31 Oct 2008
With the support of world-renowned electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics Hong Kong, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at PolyU has garnered more momentum in advancing hospitality technology.
16 Oct 2008
Following in the footsteps of the United States, Japan seems to gradually challenge lifestyle centers. In spite of the depressed state of the economy, Japan has a considerable number of wealthy people who establish and respect their own life style.
16 Oct 2008
The election for Japan’s highest governing body, the House of Representatives, will be held for the first time in recent years. The Abe and Fukuda cabinets were not tested by the Japanese public but were merely regime changes within the Liberal Democratic Party.
09 Oct 2008
Since 2000, Malaysian-manufactured exports performance has been declining mainly due to the downturn of the global electronic industry and the rise of China's economy. The competitiveness of Malaysian manufactured exports can be improved by examining the pattern of revealed comparative advantage.
09 Oct 2008
This paper examines how recent increases in offshoring by Japanese firms relates to the changes in the composition of export, the structure of national production, and the international distribution of manufacturing value-added in Japan, China, East Asian countries, the US and Europe
09 Oct 2008
China has been accused of exchange rate manipulation that has caused large U.S. trade deficits, which have reduced U.S. welfare by increasing unemployment and reducing wages.
09 Oct 2008
This paper argues that declining transaction costs in exporting on the one hand and the structural and institutional barriers to importing and consumption on the other hand are the main causes for China's rising current account surplus.


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