28 May 2008
On 27th May, Keio University conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law, honoris causa, upon Mr. Paul David Hewson, who is known as Bono, in recognition for his work in the fight against poverty and AIDS in Africa.
21 Apr 2008
Keio University will be the first in Japan to provide national household panel data to the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), which will enable researchers around the world to use the data in international comparisons of income and poverty.
16 Apr 2008
TextImi is a system that helps people understand the thoughts of others from large volumes of text through a collaboration between computer analysis and human interpretation. The system can be used in for marketing surveys coordinated with network research systems, customer voice analysis, public comment analysis and more.
13 Apr 2008
Two Universiti Putra Malaysia researchers whose inventions have brought in more than RM20mil have won the Commercialisation Award at the university’s excellence awards ceremony. With their research products, rice farmers’ yields have increased from four tonnes to 10 tonnes per hectare and sold in other ASEAN countries and the Middle East.
08 Apr 2008
Towards the development of information infrastructure technology which Japan will promote globally
04 Apr 2008
Dr. Zulhamri Abdullah, from Universiti Putra Malaysia was awarded the ‘Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) Prize' international award for his paper which introduces a new discourse in organizational achievements based on Islamic values of ethical reputation and moral, and not on highest monetary gains.
31 Mar 2008
Country studies from Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, India, Thailand, Mexico, and Colombia discuss lessons learned and identify policy measures for safeguarding the health sector.
31 Mar 2008
Organizations throughout the development community recognize that entrepreneurship can promote efficiency, create poverty-reducing jobs, and ease hardship. This brief sets out some of the ways IDRC is helping to foster innovation.
31 Mar 2008
iCompetent is a psychological instrument developed by a team of psychologist from University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) for screening potential employees with the aptitude for the job. Using internet based technology, it allows the screening of thousands of job applications from all over the world, 24 hours a day.
28 Mar 2008
The following experts have agreed to speak to the media about the Bangkok Climate Change meeting. Please email ResearchSEA [email protected] for their contact details.
21 Mar 2008
Rating Investment Information Inc. (R&I) recently affirmed Keio University credit rating.
21 Mar 2008
The Model G8 Youth Summit follows the real G8 Summit and is always held at the country where the real G8 Summit is held. This particular Summit is sponsored by Keio University as a part of the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Project "Design the Future Fund."
20 Mar 2008
This project sought to understand the problems and issues related to the supply chain of Pasar Tani (Farmer’s Markets) in Sarawak and Sabah in order to help develop a strategy for marketing of Malaysia’s agricultural produce.
05 Mar 2008
These awards reflect the fact that the boundaries between international development policy and domestic policy increasingly parallel similar problems in developing countries so that both Canada and the less developed countries benefit from research on these issues. Deadline 1 April 2008
05 Mar 2008
This book is the first wide-ranging guide to the key issues of intellectual property and ownership, genetics, biodiversity, and food security.
22 Feb 2008
President Anzai participated in the GULF (Global University Leaders Forum) Winter Meeting, at which leaders of institutions of higher learning in developed and developing countries discussed the future role of universities.
15 Feb 2008
In-depth interviews with over 100 entrepreneurs in Bangalore suggest that deficiencies in the performance of basic governmental functions (such as in collecting taxes and maintaining land records) play a significant role in discouraging businesses from starting at or expanding to an economically efficient scale of operation.
15 Feb 2008
Although signs have emerged that some of the forces that caused the 1997–98 Asian financial crisis have begun to diminish and progress has been made in macroeconomic affairs, 10 years after the meltdown Indonesia's recovery is still among the slowest in Asian crisis countries.
15 Feb 2008
This paper contributes to the debate on the use of temporary controls on capital outflows as a crisis resolution measure by examining the outcome of Malaysia's radical response to the 1997–98 financial crisis.
15 Feb 2008
This study shows that India's export performance is still far behind that of China. The implication of this study is that India's reform measures need to be bolstered effectively to catch up and to overtake China.
15 Feb 2008
India started on a program of reforms, both in its external and internal aspects, in the mid-1980s. This book examines in detail these aspects of post reform India and discerns the changes and trends that these new developments have created. The book launch is on February 19 in New Delhi.
14 Feb 2008
IDRC is partnering with the UK’s One World Trust to strengthen the accountability of research institutes.
13 Feb 2008
The article discusses issues of patents, role of WTO, issues in New Drug Approval and R&D strategies adopted by Indian pharmaceutical companies and provides the basic understanding of the key success factors vital in the pharma industry.
05 Feb 2008
Interview with Masamichi Toyama, artist and Chairman of Smiles Co., Ltd, the first example of entrepreneurship within Mitsubishi. He established Soup Stock Tokyo, while on loan to KFC. Soup Stock Tokyo is a new high quality fast food culture for mainly young women in Tokyo which operates from more than 40 outlets.
14 Jan 2008
The last of a series of seven surveys of residents’ opinions towards Hong Kong Disneyland conducted by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) found that residents’ opinions towards the Disney theme park were still mixed, shifting more to the negative.
10 Jan 2008
Communicating Disasters was published in December 2007. It is a multi-author book that discusses how information, education and communication can help create disaster resilient communities across the Asia Pacific region. It also takes a critical look at the communication lessons of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004.
10 Jan 2008
This paper elaborates on how the optimum harvesting regime is developed and its contribution to the sustainable management of Seraya forests.
10 Jan 2008
Almost 80% of the wood composite products are exported and generates more than RM 5 billion revenues annually. Statistics have indicated that Malaysia exported more than 1 million m3 per year and became the second largest MDF exporter behind Germany since 2001 until 2004
08 Jan 2008
Weekly Report Will Accelerate Industry Innovation and Improve Efficiency of BioPharma Investment Decisions
07 Jan 2008
The CIST – Centre for Information Systems Training – was launched in 2005 in Phnom Penh to provide disadvantaged students with IT training and qualifications leading to a job. In 2009 it will reach its full capacity and bring 200 people out poverty each year to become actors of the economic development of Cambodia within the IT sectors.


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