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"Amaterasu" particle: a new cosmic mystery, Geckos inspire robotic device, Targeting cancer while protecting healthy cells, Honey, I shrunk the bear, Two species lost to science spotted again. Plus New Science Communication Resources. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

“Amaterasu” particle: a new cosmic mystery

Scientists detected an ultra-high-energy particle with unknown origins. It is the most energetic particle to hit Earth in the last three decades, second only to the OMG particle.

Cosmic enigma

Geckos inspire robotic device

A new robotic tool uses adhesives that mimic geckos’ feet to pick up and release delicate materials without damaging them.

Targeting cancer while protecting healthy cells

Through a new method, radiopharmaceuticals can be sufficiently delivered to cancer lesions while having limited contact with healthy tissues. This means improved accuracy of imaging diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment.   

Cancer therapy

Honey, I shrunk the bear
Inspired by earthworms, Singapore scientists are looking to create high-precision, nanoscale structures for use in high-tech – starting with a tiny bear.

Two species lost to science spotted again

An expedition to Indonesia’s Cyclops Mountains yielded new sightings of two species lost to science for decades: Attenborough’s long-beaked echidna and Mayr’s honeyeater.   


New! Science Communication Resources

As we move into our third decade in science communication, we prepared this resource as a guide for those interested in knowing more about communicating science and research. We hope the resources here will help anyone interested in science communication.

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