13 Dec 2017
The Senior Connect Group is formed to promote health through social participation in a residential area. The researchers provide empathetic listening skill training for the seed group in the community. Three aspects were identified to increase awareness and mutual support: (1) prevention through education (2) medic alert (3) rehabilitative support.
28 Nov 2017
The Malaysian Concrete Canoe Competition (MCCC) 2017 was held on 25th and 26th November. The event aims at creating opportunity for civil engineering students to gain hands-on experience in innovative concrete mix designs. During the event, the longest concrete canoe was built and has been registered in the Malaysia Book of Record.
21 Nov 2017
The Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology has now been included in the Web of Science's Emerging Sources Citation Index, a leading online resource tracking the impact of scientific journals and research worldwide.
Photo 1
23 Oct 2017
Malaysia is developing its first national human rights action plan (NHRAP) based on 5 pillars: Civil and Political Rights; Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Rights of Vulnerable Groups; Rights of the Indigenous; and International Obligations. The collaboration between various stakeholders is crucial for the implementation of the NHRAP.
09 Oct 2017
University of Malaya’s researchers and publications shine at the Malaysia’s Research Star Award (MRSA) and CREAM Status Recognition (CREAM) 2017 by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
02 Oct 2017
Researchers at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, investigated the perceptions of Antarctic values among Malaysian working adults, contributing to the overall strategies and policies as well as regional-based future planning especially in education and public awareness.
Photo 1
28 Sep 2017
Researchers from Malaysia, United Kingdom and China teamed up to investigate the effect of human activities such as expansion of cities and oil palm plantations on the diet of the most common fruit bat in Peninsular Malaysia.
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20 Sep 2017
Cognitive behavioural therapy enhances effects of anti-depressant drugs in Malaysia.
15 Sep 2017
A study on 22–18 million-year-old tidal deposits reveals insights on the significance of mangrove organic carbon sequestration in the South China Sea at geological time scales.
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14 Sep 2017
Smart mirrors serving as virtual shopping assistants can help customers quickly sort through clothing options and increase sales.
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11 Sep 2017
Compounds in an Asian fermented fish paste could help reduce high cholesterol.
07 Sep 2017
UNIMAS visits Japan with an aim to have a joint-collaboration between UNIMAS-Tokai University, Kyokuto Die-casting, Japan and HICOM Diecastings, Malaysia.
Photo 1
23 Aug 2017
A new generation biopolymer based solid polymer electrolyte has been formulated for energy harvesting by fabricating dye-sensitized solar cells. The fabricated DSSCs achieved more than 10% of energy conversion efficiency.
Figure 1
09 Aug 2017
In Malaysia, research into elder abuse and neglect (EAN) has indicated a link between abuse and premature death, with pattern differences between males and females. Financial abuse is found to be more common than other subtypes (physical, psychological, sexual and neglect), and comprises the group with the largest percentage of mortality.
Figure 1
08 Aug 2017
Researchers from the Zoological & Ecological Research Network (ZEN), and Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Centre (TIDREC), University of Malaya have successfully discovered 111 new species of black flies belonging to five subgenera of the genus Simulium in the Oriental Region.
03 Aug 2017
University of Malaya’s researcher, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Loh Siew Yim, presented on the emerging field of cancer survivorship. International health science experts were invited to share their expertise, ideas and initiatives to bring about innovative changes to the field of health sciences in Malaysia and in the Asia-Pacific region.
03 Aug 2017
Mangrove trees, particularly their leaf litter, filter copper out of soil and water in Indonesia.
03 Aug 2017
Nurul Syafika binti Amir Hamzah, a double Master's Degree student from University of Malaya, won 3rd place in the Graduate Student category for APRU Global Health Program Conference Student Poster Contest.
Picture 1
31 Jul 2017
Researchers from University of Malaya and China Agricultural University painstakingly searched for all bats’ records in Peninsular Malaysia and found records for 110 species. This first comprehensive list of bat species found in Peninsular Malaysia has been published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE recently.
28 Jul 2017
University of Malaya’s ethnomusicologist Loo Fung Ying and Universiti Putra Malaysia’s musicologist Loo Fung Chiat discussed how national unity can be emphasized in multicultural Malaysia through local performing arts by delving into the International Champion Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance troupe.
27 Jul 2017
Researchers from the Ageing and Age-Associated Disorders Research Group, University of Malaya, were among the member of Dementia Prevention and Enhanced Care (DePEC), one of the recipient for this prestigious award from National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).
Picture 1
19 Jul 2017
Multiplex detection of antioxidants / food additives / preservatives in food samples is possible using our newly developed graphite-based nanocomposite electrochemical sensor from used alkaline battery. The chemical sensor not only leads to shorter analysis time but also is a greener chemistry innovation.
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13 Jul 2017
Extravert Chinese students learning English as a second language are likely to perform better in speaking and reading, but less proficient in listening than their introvert counterparts, according to a study published in Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JSSH).
Figure 1A
13 Jul 2017
Researchers from Malaysia assessed the whole brain microstructural integrity of major nerve tracts among older fallers and non-fallers. They proposed the potential synergistic relationship between blood pressure fluctuations with standing, balance disorders and structural brain abnormalities observed among fallers.
Figure 1
12 Jul 2017
Direct detection of vitamin B7 in real sample is possible using the developed immunosensor without the need of sample pre-treatment. The immunosensor not only leads to shorter analysis time but also is a user-friendly approach to the end user.
Figure 1
12 Jul 2017
The future of children with brain tumours is very promising. To do nothing is to ignore the very real possibility of a treatment and cure. It is the time now to accelerate clinical and laboratory research in childhood brain tumours.
Picture 1
10 Jul 2017
Scientists at University of Malaya, Malaysia, have found that the seagrass meadows in Johor harbor three times more juvenile fish than coral reefs. They also found that the dugong herds there prefer certain types of meadows over others.
06 Jul 2017
Researchers at University of Malaya, Malaysia, are discussing the importance of building stakeholders in building maintenance management, including maintenance management team, building owners/clients, building occupants/users, and maintenance service providers.
Picture 1
06 Jul 2017
Military spending might boost business confidence in conflicting countries, but may also lower macroeconomic growth. In recent decades, Asian countries have allocated a huge amount to strengthen defense capacity and enforcement. However, expansion in military expenditure is harmful for economic growth, argue researchers in Malaysia.
Picture 1
04 Jul 2017
Body donation for medical training and research is practiced around the world. Silent Mentor Programme by University of Malaya aims to cultivate a sense of compassion among medical students and junior doctors towards their patients and to treat human body with utmost respect.


16 Mar 2009
The objectives of the course are to disseminate information on soil survey methods and to provide better understanding of tropical soils and their behaviour.
11 Mar 2009
Chiang Mai, Thailand - The four day congress organized by Century Foundation, Bangalore, India will help to develop an agenda to ensure conservation of bioresources and ecosystem protection for sustainable development.
01 Dec 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - The main objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for linking various international, regional and national agencies and institutions dealing with forest health issues, and to share strategies, experiences and knowledge, related to forest health.
18 Dec 2008
Sarawak, Malaysia - The conference is aimed at addressing issues relating to infrastructures development and management covering wide areas in all fields of engineering.
25 Nov 2008
To showcase some of FRIM R&D outputs and innovations ready for commercialisation
11 Nov 2008
FRIM, Malaysia - The theme : “Strengthening Bioinformatics Capabilities in Forest Biotechnology”
19 Oct 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - This event is designed to disseminate the latest R&D findings in forest products to the private sector, researchers, academicians, industrialists and policy makers.
21 Oct 2008
USM, Penang, Malaysia - DFmA 2008 welcomes computer scientists, engineers, academicians, and practitioners around the world to present, discuss, and exchange ideas and research results related to the design, use, analysis, and applications of Distributed and Parallel Frameworks.
15 Dec 2008
ICENV 2008 will be the largest technical event on environment in the world with the biggest impact to the green and sustainable development.
29 Oct 2008
USM, Penang, Malaysia - The 3rd ILLC 2008 will bring together teachers, educators and scholars to discuss, evaluate and offer new perspectives and directions in language teaching and learning in a rapidly changing world.
06 Jan 2009
USM, PENANG, MALAYSIA - The aim of ICSWS is to create a platform for professionals in the helping field to share their ideas and experience, and discuss on new ways to bring peace to the world.
25 Mar 2009
UNIMAS, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia - The meeting has as objectives to promote international cooperation and technological progress based on the interaction between electrical and fluid mechanics phenomena.
19 Aug 2008
USM, PENANG, MALAYSIA - The main purpose of USM and YTR in organizing such conference will be to showcase the possible local and regional knowledge, researches, activities and resources which can be utilized in addressing the challenges confronting us through synergistic local initiatives.
10 Oct 2008
USM, PENANG, MALAYSIA - The main thrust of the conference is to explore ways and means how an alumni organisation can tap funding support and remain financially sustainable.
16 Dec 2008
USM, PENANG, MALAYSIA - This Conference will be a meeting of minds to primarily discuss significant issues which focus on multidisciplinary perspectives in higher education.
15 Sep 2008
Sarawak, Malaysia - CybErg’08 is an international cyberspace conference that incorporates issues in an area of Ergonomics including physical, cognitive, organisation and social. This conference also highlights the latest development and current technologies applied in the area.
20 Aug 2008
Serdang, Malaysia - t is the intention of this conference to raise the profile of physical education in the hope of changing the views of many that physical education is not just about getting children’s to move about.
24 Jul 2008
Acting on the realization that humans have deviated from the original values shared by all religions of the world, the Centre for Policy Research and International Studies, and the Noordin Sopiee Chair in Global Studies, USM will organize this international conference directed to all levels of our society.
22 Jul 2008
Serdang, Malaysia - This is an international symposium to provide higher education and training to neurosurgeons, neurosurgical trainees, nurses and paramedical personnel in the Southeast Asian region.
29 Jul 2008
UPM, SERDANG, MALAYSIA - This exhibition cum competition, which involves latest research products and innovations, acts as a platform to introduce research outputs to the campus community and beyond.
24 Jul 2008
Co-organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia and Elsevier, the seminar aims to equip journal authors with information on getting published in Elsevier journals. The program is designed for aspiring young lecturers and researchers who aim to publish their research papers in international refereed journals.
05 Jun 2008
Sarawak, Malaysia - This year's theme is "Strengthening Malaysia's Position as a Vibrant, Innovative and Competitive Financial Hub". The conference aims to provide a platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas and knowledge between academicians and practitioners.
07 Aug 2008
Penang, Malaysia - One of the aims is to bring together scholars and civil society workers from across Asia to debate and dialogue on the state of research and study in the area of culture, communication, conflict and peace.
09 Jun 2008
KL, Malaysia - This conference brings together industry and academic researchers in an open forum that provide for contributions covering research on the theoretical foundations, applications and any related issues in cryptology, information and network security and other underlying technologies.
15 Jun 2008
UPM, Serdang, Malaysia - This is a bi-yearly international event involving agriculture researchers, academicians, policy makers, extension practitioners, entrepreneurs and students.
23 Jul 2008
Penang, Malaysia - Among the aims of the international conference is to develop a deeper understanding of the principles of justice and peace in the different religions.
18 Jun 2008
The 2nd USM Penang International Postgraduate Convention 2008 will be held from the 18 - 20 June 2008 at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Postgraduate students and researchers are invited to attend. Early bird registration ends on 15 May 2008.
05 May 2008
The Malaysian National Biotechnology Policy envisions that biotechnology will be the new economic engine for Malaysia. It is targeted that by 2020, this sector would create 280,000 jobs and make a 5% contribution to Malaysia’s GDP. This 3-day training will provide an understanding the steps needed from basic R&D to commercialisation
15 May 2008
Sarawak, Malaysia - Software engineering researchers throughout Malaysia as well as in the South East region will converge in Sarawak to share the latest formal methods.
25 Jun 2008
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia - The conference aims to promote the use of evidence in nursing to ensure quality care is delivered to the clients in an increasingly complex and challenging health care environment.


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