Figure 1
09 Mar 2017
Preliminary tests by University of Malaya researchers on tiger milk mushroom powder extract (TM02) on rats indicate it may be useful for respiratory diseases and breast cancer treatment.
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17 Feb 2017
Surgeons will find it easy to examine human rectum and conduct operation by using a tool, named Self Retaining Anal Speculum (SRAS), an innovative product developed by researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).
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20 Jan 2017
A research team in Malaysia has invented a ‘dekoponix rack’ and a ‘home deco’ that will enable high-rise building residents to plant vegetables and other greens at home.
Fig. 1
16 Dec 2016
This novel AgIR® coating lacquer with complex nanomaterials is an effective far infrared absorber and UV blocker for agricultural greenhouse film. AgIR® lacquer has provided the agricultural greenhouse film its unique properties such as light diffusion, thermicity, stabilization against UV breakdown, blocking of ultra violet radiation and more.
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15 Dec 2016
Authoritative parenting is significantly linked to positive youth development, according to a recent study published in the Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (JSSH).
Fig 1
08 Dec 2016
There is a strong connection between breast cancer and the high rate of breast density. These are cases wherein the patient has previously undergone mammography screening and been cleared as ‘normal’. A subsequent diagnosis of cancer indicates the failure of mammography to detect the breast cancer.
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30 Nov 2016
Rich in biodiversity, with a rapidly growing economy, Malaysia exemplifies the tension between conservation and economic development faced by many tropical countries.
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24 Nov 2016
Researchers of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have succeeded in developing Eco-Zyme, an enzyme that is extracted from locally isolated microbes to help in the process of kenaf retting in order to obtain kenaf fibres.
22 Nov 2016
University of Malaya scored big with 6 researchers winning the Malaysia Rising Star Awards 2016 and 4 journals receiving the CREAM status by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
22 Nov 2016
Dr. Badrul Hisham (UM) was awarded for his contributions to the petroleum engineering profession by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
22 Nov 2016
Prof. Dr. Suresh Kumar P Govind of UM was conferred the Dr. S. C. Parija Oration Award 2016 during Tropical Parasitology Conference (TROPACON) 2016.
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11 Nov 2016
Management and nutritional strategies are needed to protect livestock from heat stress resulting from climate change, according to a review paper published in the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science.
04 Nov 2016
On November 1, 2016 the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (JTAS) was granted potential “CREAM” status in recognition of its consistently high quality, under the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education’s Publication Incentive Scheme.
03 Nov 2016
A PhD student from The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus has recently won the ‘Highly Commended Award’ at the U21 Three Minute Thesis competition for her talk on the potential to transform wireless signals into energy which can power up small devices.
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21 Oct 2016
Researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have succeeded in creating a green technology Nano-Emulsion Formulation of Saponin, which is an environmental-friendly poisonous pesticide to kill apple snails that have been destroying agricultural produce, especially rice crops.
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29 Sep 2016
A group of researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has successfully developed an innovation called Putra Blok which sees the construction of houses or buildings without the use of columns or beam structures.
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24 Sep 2016
After the Taliban attempted to assassinate Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani newspapers used common language to describe the attack, which suggests the media has influence in changing social perceptions of the group, according to research published in the Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JSSH).
22 Sep 2016
TORONTO – Two research products from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) recently won two gold medals and two special accolades at 2016 International Invention Innovation Competition In Canada which was held at the North York Memorial Community Hall, Toronto.
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21 Sep 2016
Researchers in Malaysia revealed that Peninsular Malaysia hosts at least three rare mussel species, one of which (Hyriopsis bialata) is not found anywhere else on the planet. Another species (Ensidens ingallsianus) may have already gone extinct.
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05 Sep 2016
The fruit of the 'asam keping' tree can be used to prevent atherosclerosis - that is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries -, according to research.
Figure 1
05 Sep 2016
Toxicologists in Malaysia published the first report on the venom proteome correlating toxic functionalities of the Malayan blue coral snake, an exotic species from the country. The toxins are unique among snakes and have deep implication on antivenom production and drug discovery.
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25 Aug 2016
Soil conditioners called superabsorbent polymers have the potential to reduce irrigation needs for agricultural crops by storing water and nutrients and then releasing them in drought conditions, according to a recent paper published in the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science (JTAS).
22 Aug 2016
The National University of Malaysia and Indonesia's Dirosat Islamiyah Al-Amien Institute have recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on research areas in Islamic studies.
22 Aug 2016
KUALA LUMPUR, August 12 – The Malaysian Research Institute of Ageing (IPPM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Institute of Ageing, United Nations - Malta (INIA) to pioneer a collaborative multidisciplinary research on ageing.
18 Aug 2016
Professor Dominic Foo, Professor of Process Design and Integration in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) received the Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) Award on 15 August 2016.
17 Aug 2016
KUALA LUMPUR– Prof. Dr. Latiffah A. Latiff who is a lecturer at Community Health Department of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), has been named the recipient of 2016 Top Research Scientist Malaysia (TRSM).
16 Aug 2016
University of Malaya's Researchers have been recognized as Top Research Scientists of Malaysia (TRSM)
05 Aug 2016
Two Bachelor of Engineering (Agriculture And Biosystem) students from the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) made the university proud when they won an international-level “Award Vertical Farming” recently.
Image 1
29 Jul 2016
A green polymer derived from bio-waste was applied to the dye-sensitized solar cells. Chitosan obtained from the insects’ and crustaceans’ chitin was modified to produce the phthaloylchitosan electrolyte for the dye-sensitized solar cells with efficiency of more than 7%.
Image 1
28 Jul 2016
A novel, low cost and green lithiated tin vanadium oxide compound has been synthesized via simple, economical and scalable sol-gel method to replace the conventional graphite as electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. This material has a long technological lifespan as it can last long as long as it is well-kept under moisture free condition.


26 Feb 2007
Indonesia - Gas, Power & Alternative Energy highlights the implications of the increasing oil & gas prices on Indonesia’s domestic and exports market.
08 Feb 2007
Bangkok, Thailand - Medical tourism is bringing a new breed of travellers. They have particular needs, they are going to these locations for a specific reason, and reports are showing that their daily spend is more than double that of other tourists.
15 Feb 2007
Mumbai, India - In India, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures have been creating a whirlpool of excitement recently. The last six months has seen the media extensively covering news on different types of M&As and JVs taking place within different types of industries.
12 Feb 2007
Bangkok, Thailand - Bancassurance is set to take off in a big way across Asia. With Europe leading the rest of the world, having 50%-70% of new business being generated through the banking networks, Asian banks poise themselves to become the new wave of leading-edge insurance service distribution channels.
12 Feb 2007
Mumbai, India- With the growth of e-business, organisations are struggling to secure information and applications. Knowing new threats and applying latest solutions would drive organization towards effective competitiveness and profit.
07 Feb 2007
Power generation is inevitably moving towards a more deregulated and liberalised market. Developing countries in South East Asia and the region need to understand the strategic positions and plan years ahead in moving towards a more sustainable development plan
06 Mar 2007
Treasury management has always been an integral component of any organisation. In today’s volatile business world, conventional corporate treasury role needs to be further exploited to enhance its potential.
11 Jun 2007
Themes include Environmental auditing, Ethics and corporate behaviour, Globalisation and corporate activity, Governmental influences on corporate behaviour, The influence of taxation upon corporate behaviour, Protests concerning corporate activity and many more (Location: KL, Malaysia)
29 May 2007
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - Theme "Innovative Marketing and Retailing for Global Survival"
27 Mar 2007
At the end of the training course, participants should have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the ISO 22000 requirements and the necessary skills in establishing the Food Safety Management System. (Location: Penang, Malaysia)
03 Dec 2007
Research work in the area of mycology will enable us to manage fungal diseases, exploit fungi for food, feed, chemicals, and environmental waste management. The conference is targeted for academia, scientists, technologists, managers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and members of corporate and financial sectors.
12 Mar 2007
Members of the media are one of the key stakeholders in the biotechnology arena because they are an influential source of information on science and technology to lay audiences. MABIC will be funding two Malaysian journalists to attend this workshop.
06 Feb 2007
For the first time, this review will be launched in Malaysia. This is a timely affair for Malaysia as agricultural biotechnology has been recognized as the first thrust in the National Biotechnology Policy. Moreover, the biosafety bill has been read in the Parliament last month and is expected to be passed early next year.
17 Jun 2007
Considering the growing importance of biotechnology in the modern world and also the region's strong posture in biotechnology, this Conference will provide an excellent avenue to address the multifarious challenges and opportunities in the field.
26 Jan 2007
This dialogue offers a forum for discussion of the status and potential of marine biotechnology in Malaysia and the world including identification of the issues and challenges in the potential economic and scientific benefits of marine biotechnology.
27 Nov 2006
Postgraduate education in the Asian region is now facing many challenges especially in terms of stabilising and expanding its organisation and roles to face global changes.
07 Nov 2006
MINT Waste Management Center (WMC) is responsible for managing radioactive waste within Malaysia. For an effective radioactive waste management, the importance of waste inventory is of prime concern; whether it is waste generator, waste management agency or regulatory authority.
19 Sep 2006
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is the only mechanism applicable to developing countries, where carbon budget could be traded with developed countries. Hence, this seminar is organized to increase awareness on forestry CDM and possible projects that would be generated.
04 Dec 2006
Highlighting the role of sustainable energy and sustainable technology in meeting modern energy demands
08 Nov 2006
The USM Penang HE Forum will provide an opportunity for higher education policy researchers and administrators to discuss issues pertaining to higher education which are of importance in their respective countries.
09 Dec 2006
Oriental COCOSDA workshop in Malaysia will help in boosting the research and development in the field of Speech Technology and will help in enthusing the interest towards Speech Technology in Southeast Asia.
14 Jun 2007
The Teaching and the Learning of English has never been more demanding. This conference will provide an avenue for scholars and educators to exchange views and experiences, formulate strategies and, all in all, contribute positively towards the continued development of English from an Asian perspective.
29 Jul 2006
We believe the key to stay competitive is Intelligence. What kind of intelligence is the right kind for the new competitions? How would Intelligence help us feel and be empowered, and empower our machines to be more efficient and helpful?
08 Aug 2006
The 2006 International Conference on Business IT (BIZIT 2006) aims to bring together academicians, researchers, and developers interested in exchanging ideas, innovations, and experiences in the areas of Business Technology.
26 Jun 2006
INTAC III provides a venue for scholars both from Muslim and Non-Muslim countries to share their ideas and empirical findings on the major issues in accounting research reflected in the theme of the conference.
17 Jul 2006
This conference on the Methodologies of Tafsir and Sharh Hadith will highlight the efforts of Muslim scholars and identify the excellent methodology, which may be in conformity with the contemporary needs, thus protecting Muslims from confusion while interacting with tafsir and sharh Hadith works.
20 Jun 2006
The aim of MICRA 2006 is to further the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of construction and to keep members in touch with the latest information on construction management.
09 May 2006
The main objective of this conference is to provide a forum for engineers, academicians, scientists and researchers to present the result of their research activities in the field of Computer and Communication Engineering.
07 Jul 2006
Internal Conference organised by Institute Of Research, Development and Commercialisation (IRDC), UiTM Shah Alam for all research conducted in 2005
06 Dec 2006
This conference provides a forum to discuss the interdependencies of the global economy affecting all aspects of the business and economics issues in a global context.


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Giants in history

Malaysia’s first astrophysicist, Mazlan binti Othman (born 11 December 1951) was instrumental in launching the country’s first microsatellite, and in sending Malaysia’s first astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, into space.
Lim Boo Liat (21 August 1926 – 11 July 2020), a leading authority in the conservation of Malaysia’s biological diversity, had his initial interest in the outdoors piqued by nature lessons in school. Lim, who helped found the National Zoo of Malaysia and re-establish the Malaysian Nature Society, had a particular interest in researching zoonotic diseases associated with small animals.
Known as Mr. Natural Rubber, chemist and researcher B. C. Shekhar (17 November 1929 – 6 September 2006) introduced a number of technical innovations that helped put Malaysia’s natural rubber industry on the world map.
Wu Lien-teh (10 March 1879 – 21 January 1960) was a Malaysian-born doctor who invented a mask that effectively suppressed disease transmission. Winning the prestigious Queen’s Scholarship enabled Wu to become the first Chinese student to study medicine at the University of Cambridge.
Little is known about Ali, a teenager from Sarawak, Malaysia, who was chief assistant to the famous naturalist Alfred Wallace. Most of what is known comes from Wallace’s writings. Ali accompanied Wallace on expeditions throughout the Malay Archipelago from December 1855 to February 1862.
Susan Lim (14 February 1952 – 2 August 2014) was a Malaysian parasitologist who specialized in studying a class of flatworms, the Monogeans, which are parasites of fishes.