Picture 1
29 Jun 2017
Understanding the interactions between miRNAs with their specific cancer gene targets is an on-going effort to identify new therapeutic strategies. Researchers from University of Malaya carried out investigations to study the relationship between natural compound and miRNA expression in cancer cells.
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29 Jun 2017
ASEAN is a symbol of regional development in Southeast Asia region. Its Charter envisages legal and institutional frameworks, but ASEAN Member States prefer soft law as compared to the hard law. The importance of legal instruments should be recognized to establish stronger implementation, enforcement, monitoring and reviewing mechanisms.
Picture 1
28 Jun 2017
Electricity consumption in buildings will rise and increase GHG emissions. The biggest challenge for energy and carbon emissions reduction, is not only the relatively cheap price of electricity, but to refurbish existing buildings to become more energy efficient and lessen its environmental impact.
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22 Jun 2017
Zero Waste Campaign (ZWC) is one of the university’s longest and most consistent endeavours. It is unique due to the bottom-up and top-down synergy that characterizes its development. It was set-up to spearhead the development of a more sustainable waste management model in the UM campus and ultimately achieve the status of a zero waste campus.
Figure 1
20 Jun 2017
In a recent study published in Electrophoresis, University of Malaya’s researchers found significant correlation between increased levels of serum amyloid A (SAA) in patients with three different bone sarcomas: pleomorphic sarcoma (PS), osteosarcoma (OS) and chondrosarcoma (CS) and the different degrees of tumor malignancy in PS, OS and CS.
Picture 1
16 Jun 2017
Researchers from University of Malaya uncover significant obstacles to appropriate feeding for older Asians with swallowing difficulty. These obstacles involved cultural attitudes, healthcare professional perceptions and knowledge and limitations of healthcare funding, resulting in a poorer outcome for older Asians with swallowing problems.
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29 May 2017
Researchers from University of Malaya discover that herbal supplement (milk thistle) may be useful for improving liver damage in patients with fatty liver disease.
16 May 2017
Although the Islamic finance industry is growing at a rapid rate, researchers have highlighted areas of governance that must be reformed.
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15 May 2017
The issue of regulatory incoherence in nutrition labelling for the prepackaged food industry in ASEAN has been widely recognized. This study, commissioned by Food Industry Asia (FIA, Singapore), investigates the economic impacts of nutritional labelling on the industry to forward specific interventions for regulatory convergence in the region.
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11 May 2017
A large middle class in Thailand and Indonesia is demanding more environmental protection; something not happening in other developing South-East Asian nations.
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09 May 2017
Understanding how the toxoplasmosis parasite invades cells could result in a vaccine candidate against the disease.
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09 May 2017
A computer model that can ‘learn’ like a human brain could help water resource managers reduce damage in cases of extreme flooding.
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04 May 2017
Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) welcome initiatives The ‘One Belt, One Road (OBOR)’ and ASEAN Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). However, there are some reservations and concerns to these initiatives.
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03 May 2017
A multilevel modulation format developed by University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus researchers shows clear advantage in achieving longer fibre-transmission distances.
Pic 1.
02 May 2017
The University of Malaya worked with the Malacca Portuguese-Eurasian Association to produce a book to learn Malacca Portuguese, an endangered language in Malaysia. This is part of the ongoing efforts to revitalise this endangered language.
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28 Apr 2017
Genetic studies on Malaysia’s Orang Asli peoples could lead to tailored medical advice that is more appropriate for their unique makeup.
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24 Apr 2017
Mathematical formulas that model how deadly mosquito-borne diseases spread can help medical researchers accurately predict how real-life outbreaks develop and find countermeasures.
Figure 1
21 Apr 2017
Publication is the beginning of research impact and visibility, thus dissemination of research publications have to be proactive. Researchers can promote their research work in three stages: (1) manuscript preparation and submission; (2) post-publication promoting; and (3) after receiving mentions/citations (monitoring).
Figure 1
21 Apr 2017
New developments in cervical cancer screening and vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, a causal agent for cervical cancer provide new opportunities for the prevention of this disease. HPV testing as oppose to the conventional pap smear is now recommended while 3 HPV vaccines are now approved to combat HPV associated diseases.
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11 Apr 2017
The academic community could help identify loopholes in rules made to ensure fair play and entertaining sporting events.
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07 Apr 2017
Screening patients for a gene variant before starting epilepsy treatment could reduce the incidence of life-threatening drug reactions.
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06 Apr 2017
A hybrid ‘eco-roof’ design in Malaysia combines five existing energy-saving technologies into a single system.
Photo 1
06 Apr 2017
Malaysia has implemented a number of legislative activities over the decade of participation in the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC). NARCC (UM) developed a training program - Smoking Cessation Organizing, Planning and Execution (SCOPE) which is accredited by the Ministry of Health.
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04 Apr 2017
A practical anti-phishing tool for the Internet can secure electronic communications, enhance confidence in e-commerce sites, and reduce consumer and business financial losses.
Figure 1
03 Apr 2017
Altmetrics are new metrics proposed as alternatives to impact factor for journals as well as individual citation indexes (h-index). Altmetrics uses online activities to measure the impact, buzz and word of mouth for scientific information. It includes new methods to measure the usage at citation level.
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28 Mar 2017
Scientists have established the first semen collection from saltwater crocodiles in Malaysia as a step on the path toward their conservation.
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27 Mar 2017
Prolonged prenatal ultrasound exposure leads to decreased bone density and strength in young rabbits.
Figure 1
14 Mar 2017
Access to modern, safe and affordable energy and energy services is one of the attributes with great potential to reduce poverty. University of Malaya Ulu Gombak PV + micro hydro project provides an alternative in electrifying the rural areas of Malaysia.
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13 Mar 2017
A researcher at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has been living in Signy Island, Antartica, on a 80-day’s research in the island.
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09 Mar 2017
Don’t discard used cooking oil because it can still be utilized. A research by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has succeeded in turning cooking oil into biodiesel for use for heavy machinery and vehicles.


09 Jul 2007
Shah Alam, Malaysia - To provide a platform where entrepreneurs, practitioners, academicians and policy makers can discuss and analyze the prospects and challenges faced by the regional SMEs in the wake of globalization.
04 Sep 2007
Bangi, Malaysia - The event provides the opportunity to bring together the people, projects, and issues from all over the world to share experiences and examine the challenge of applying mathematics to biological problems.
01 Aug 2007
Selangor, Malaysia - To provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas between academics, students and the industry.
16 Aug 2007
The International Conference is an opportunity for local and international experts, media practitioners, consultants, researchers, academics and non-academics to share knowledge in the study of media and information warfare.
26 Jun 2007
Untuk memberi pendedahan kepada para peserta mengenai peluang perniagaan menerusi penanaman, pemprosesan dan pengeluaran produk herba. (This seminar will inform its participants of business opportunities in herbal products from the production, processing to the final product)
27 Nov 2007
A national conference organized by FRIM and MWPA to introduce the latest R&D findings in forestry and forest products. The theme is "Balancing Economic and Ecological Needs”
25 Jun 2007
Lianas are woody climbers whose important function in the tropical forest ecosystem has long been undervalued. The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is conducting this course to give participants an opportunity to learn more about lianas in Malaysia, including a field course on the identification and census methods of liana.
06 Jun 2007
Selangor, Malaysia - The aim of the conference is to provide engineers, academia and researchers with the opportunity to explore recent development, current practices and future trends in power engineering and optimization techniques.
28 Aug 2007
Kelantan, Malaysia - The Third National Workshop on Scientific Writing is purposely constructed to guide participants to be active and skillful in writing scientific manuscript.
25 Jul 2007
Penang, Malaysia - The theme of the conference is Literacy and Citizenship: Pathways to Sustainable Education.
27 Sep 2007
This training focuses on the tools, techniques and methodologies needed to obtain and analyze competitive information from publicly available sources to help achieve the objectives of an organization
17 Aug 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - This conference provides the opportunity for experts to discuss among others, how to enhance the field of media and information warfare.
16 Jan 2008
Kuching, Sarawak - The conference will emphasise on emerging creative paradigms in all disciplines and areas of expertise, in applied and creative arts.
27 Dec 2007
Kuching, Sarawak - The main objectives of the proposed conference are to promote networking of professionals in the fields of energy and environment.
02 Nov 2007
Kuching, Sarawak - This conference will be a gathering platform for business communities to discuss and share knowledge on current issues relating to the marketing effort in the Asia Pacific region.
09 Jul 2007
Kuching, Sarawak - The main aim of the conference is to examine the continuing roles of ICTs within the prevailing challenges of development faced by the region.
10 Aug 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - The WIF will focus on key issues in the research and innovation for sustainability
10 Aug 2007
PECIPTA 2007 will showcase the best outcomes, inventions and innovative processes from all public and private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.
11 Jun 2007
KL, Malaysia : The training workshop aims to provide a common background to young scientists already working on forest biodiversity particularly in the Asia Pacific region and will address the urgent needs and challenges of biodiversity and forest genetic resource management in forest production systems.
16 Jul 2007
The study tour would visit Kuala Sepetang, Sungai Besar and Putrajaya Wetlands. Kuala Sepetang is well known for its mangrove swamp reserve park. While Putrajaya Wetlands, is believed to be the largest constructed freshwater wetlands in the tropics.
25 May 2007
Though there are over 2000 edible fleshy mushroom species worldwide only about 100 are cultivated. In Malaysia, mushroom has been cultivated since the early 1970s. This forum will provide the platform to discuss within the industry.
06 Nov 2007
Kuala Lumpur - The global higher education forum, Malaysia 2007 (GHEF 2007) will bring together higher education leaders, scholars, policy makers, and administrators to reflect, analyze and discuss the different issues and explore policies to improve the future provision of quality and relevant higher education in countries around the world.
07 Aug 2007
A look at how post-independent nation-states of Southeast Asia face various challenges.
08 Mar 2007
Thailand - Evolving strategic revenue management practices to promote competitiveness and generate advantageous revenue opportunity for manufacturing related industries
05 Mar 2007
Indonesia - The success of plant shutdowns and turnarounds lies not in just developing information and providing resources. Today, it takes more than equipment, materials and labour to execute efficient and successful turnarounds.
06 Mar 2007
Thailand - Awakening the Asian Tigers’ exporting potential to leverage in on the current trend of globalisation and increase market share in the fast growing Asian economy
05 Mar 2007
Thailand - A road map to implement best practice project management techniques for construction industry
01 Mar 2007
Maximising return on your social investments through ethical business practices to enhance your bottom line
22 Feb 2007
Mumbai, India - India's economy has averaged about 8 percent growth in the past three years. The rapid growth is attributed to fast expansion in both the manufacturing and service sectors. Laboratories are a big part of these sectors.
05 Mar 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Despite some progress made in tackling the traditional OHS problems, the accident and fatality rate due to occupation is still high especially in developing countries. It is estimated that the risk of accident in developing countries is 10 to 20 times higher than the industrialised countries


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Giants in history

Malaysia’s first astrophysicist, Mazlan binti Othman (born 11 December 1951) was instrumental in launching the country’s first microsatellite, and in sending Malaysia’s first astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, into space.
Lim Boo Liat (21 August 1926 – 11 July 2020), a leading authority in the conservation of Malaysia’s biological diversity, had his initial interest in the outdoors piqued by nature lessons in school. Lim, who helped found the National Zoo of Malaysia and re-establish the Malaysian Nature Society, had a particular interest in researching zoonotic diseases associated with small animals.
Known as Mr. Natural Rubber, chemist and researcher B. C. Shekhar (17 November 1929 – 6 September 2006) introduced a number of technical innovations that helped put Malaysia’s natural rubber industry on the world map.
Wu Lien-teh (10 March 1879 – 21 January 1960) was a Malaysian-born doctor who invented a mask that effectively suppressed disease transmission. Winning the prestigious Queen’s Scholarship enabled Wu to become the first Chinese student to study medicine at the University of Cambridge.
Little is known about Ali, a teenager from Sarawak, Malaysia, who was chief assistant to the famous naturalist Alfred Wallace. Most of what is known comes from Wallace’s writings. Ali accompanied Wallace on expeditions throughout the Malay Archipelago from December 1855 to February 1862.
Susan Lim (14 February 1952 – 2 August 2014) was a Malaysian parasitologist who specialized in studying a class of flatworms, the Monogeans, which are parasites of fishes.