Editor's Choice: Dog stem cells, electronic tongue, chemistry treasure from plastic, 20th anniversary & more!🥳

Unleashing stem cells from dog urine, Electronic Tongue, Tapping into human motion energy, How neurons network, and A radical use for plastic bags. Plus Communicating science two decades on. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

Unleashing stem cells
from dog urine

Dog owners may need to learn to appreciate their best friend’s urine as scientists have devised an efficient, non-invasive, and pain-free method to reprogram canine stem cells from urine samples.

Lab report

Electronic tongue

By integrating sensors and deep learning technology, researchers have developed an artificial tongue that detects taste in real time. 

Tapping into human motion energy

Researchers combined piezoelectric composites with carbon fiber to create a high-performance self-powered IoT device suitable for sports and safety equipment.

Home run

How neurons network
A study uncovered the mechanism that lets neurons know when and how to form connections crucial to learning and memory. 

A radical use for plastic bags

Rather than being disposed of as garbage, single-use plastic bags could be used to carry out radical chain reactions for detoxifying hazardous chemicals.   

Save that bag

Communicating science
two decades on

Happy New Year! This year, we have more reasons to be happy as we mark the 20th anniversary of Asia Research News. Drawing on two decades of experience, we kick off celebrations with our science communication resources. 

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