12 Sep 2018
Uncovered details of a molecular pathway in cancer cells could lead to improved treatment.
Fig. 1: Importance of particle size and coating amount of black carbon (BC) particles.
11 Sep 2018
Collaboration between Nagoya University and Cornell University develops improved model to assess the ability of black carbon to warm the Earth's atmosphere.
Cosmetically smoothing over visible facial scars
11 Sep 2018
A novel cosmetic product, designed to fill small to moderate facial scars, has shown promise in covering such deformities in a small group of patients.
10 Sep 2018
Scientists have developed a photoelectrode that can harvest 85 percent of visible light in a 30 nanometers-thin semiconductor layer between gold layers, converting light energy 11 times more efficiently than previous methods.
Image Name
10 Sep 2018
How cells arrange themselves into precise tissue structures like wings is a response, and a resistance, to global mechanical patterning in a tissue.
Evolution of psychiatric disorders and human personality traits
07 Sep 2018
How and why human-unique characteristics such as highly social behavior, languages and complex culture have evolved is a long-standing question. A research team led by Tohoku University in Japan has revealed the evolution of a gene related to such human-unique psychiatric traits.
Fig. 1
07 Sep 2018
Researchers at Nagoya University, Japan, have developed a spontaneous polymer network synthesis that allowed for the preparation of gels containing narrow molecular weight distribution polymers. The gel networks showed swelling properties that were responsive to temperature and solvent concentration.
Proposed Mechanism
05 Sep 2018
An improvement to the catalyst that converts methane to syngas could lead to a more economical process.
30 Aug 2018
A team of researchers have discovered that terahertz (THz) wave irradiation activates the filamentation of actin protein.
Fishery Management
29 Aug 2018
Global commercial fish stocks could provide more food and profits in the future, despite warming seas, if adaptive management practices are implemented. Even so, yields for nearly half of the species analyzed are projected to fall below today’s levels.
Fig. 1 An “eat me” signal makes severed neurons regenerate
27 Aug 2018
Researchers at Nagoya University have identified the series of molecules involved in the regeneration of damaged nerves in roundworm, showing that it largely overlaps with the signals used by the intrinsic removal system to take up and process dying cells.
Fig. 1
27 Aug 2018
A study by researchers at Nagoya University and other universities has indicated that feeding rats a high-sucrose diet only at night, when they are active, ameliorates high levels of fat accumulation in the blood and liver, avoiding the associated adverse effects of metabolic syndrome.
Stars memorize rebirth of our home galaxy
24 Aug 2018
The Milky Way galaxy has died once before and we are now in what is considered its second life. Calculations by Masafumi Noguchi (Tohoku University) have revealed previously unknown details about the Milky Way. These were published in the July 26 edition of Nature.
Underwater photos showing the shift from temperate communities dominated by macroalgae beds (kelp and fucoids) (left), to the transitory cohabitation with tropical corals (middle), to coral reefs (right).
20 Aug 2018
Climate change and other external forces are causing rapid marine community shifts in Japan’s coastal ecosystems. Better understanding of species distribution dynamics, as driven by these factors, can improve conservation efforts and climate change management.
Mechanism behind orchid beauty revealed
20 Aug 2018
Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have identified the gene related to the greenish flower mutation in the Habenaria orchid.
Molecular structure of the new near infrared fluorescent labeling agent PREX 710 with a linkage site for a biomolecule.
16 Aug 2018
Promising photostable tool for single molecule tracking and multicolor imaging.
16S rRNA Mutations
14 Aug 2018
A new method to analyse a commonly understood route for antibiotic resistance could lead to earlier detection of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Creation and Selective Functionalization of Virus-Like Polymer Particles
10 Aug 2018
Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have collaborated with others to develop a simple way to create and functionalize virus-like polymer particles that have various nanostructures. The collaboration includes researchers from Michigan University in the USA and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.
Catalyst: Higher Enantiomer Selectivity
10 Aug 2018
A group of Japanese researchers has developed a technology to create a hybrid catalyst from simple-structured, commercially available rhodium and organic catalysts, which reduces chemical waste and produces molecules with high selectivity of an enantiomer, a pair of molecular structures that are non-superimposable mirror images of each other.
Expanding the limits of Li-ion batteries - title
07 Aug 2018
Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University have addressed one of the major disadvantages of all-solid-state batteries by developing batteries with a low resistance at their electrode/solid electrolyte interface.
Abandoned wet farmland in central Hokkaido in Japan.
03 Aug 2018
Joint press release by Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute and Hokkaido University. Abandoned farmlands hold potential for the preservation of wetland and grassland birds as rehabilitation zones.
Dojo loach
02 Aug 2018
A DNA probing technique clarifies the mechanism behind clonal reproduction of female dojo loach fish, also providing insight into the ancestral origin of the clonal population.
Single Ice Crystal
01 Aug 2018
Scientists have discovered that an ice-binding protein (fcIBP) from the sea ice microalga does not fit in the conventional classification of ice-binding proteins, suggesting unknown mechanisms behind its antifreeze property. This finding could lead to a broader application of the antifreeze protein in food and medical industries.
Photo taken by Nobuo Ishiyama
01 Aug 2018
An international group of researchers has demonstrated that branching complexity of rivers affects regional population stability and persistence in nature, contrary to current theories which suggest the importance of an ecosystem’s size.
23 Jul 2018
The table groups molecules according to the nano-shapes they form.
Treating dementia with the healing waves of sound
23 Jul 2018
Ultrasound applied to the whole brain in mouse models helped improve cognitive dysfunction, and clinical trials are now underway to investigate if the treatment could help human patients with dementia.
Rice plants evolve to adapt to flooding
12 Jul 2018
Although water is essential for plant growth, excessive amounts can waterlog and kill a plant. In South and Southeast Asia, where periodic flooding occurs during the rainy season, the water depth can reach several meters for many months.
12 Jul 2018
Researchers control the self-assembly of molecules to form an ultralight, porous gel. This could lead to wide-ranging applications for construction, aerospace, electronics and the environment.
NOAA Oscar Dyson
12 Jul 2018
The inclusion of taxon-specific sensitivity to a shifting climate helps us understand species distributional responses to changes in climate.
Polarized Light
05 Jul 2018
Based on a new study of how near-Earth asteroid Phaethon reflects light at different angles, astronomers think that its surface may reflect less light than previously thought. This is an exciting mystery for the recently approved DESTINY+ mission to investigate when it flies past Phaethon.


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