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03 Jun 2016
More than 167,000 hectares of coastland – about 0.6% of the country’s total area – are projected to go underwater in the Philippines, especially in low-lying island communities, according to research by the University of the Philippines.
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02 Jun 2016
Researchers in Burma are working with representatives from government, civil society and the private sector to find solutions for eliminating child labour and introducing other overdue labour reforms.
02 Jun 2016
Training & Development Asia 2016 is a two-day regional conference for HR managers and senior learning & development specialists which will take place in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in June.
27 May 2016
Aid International Development Forum (AIDF) has released an infographic on healthcare in South East Asia (SEA). The infographic provides an overview of current health threats, including those related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), trends in financin¬g for health focus areas as well as gaps in development assistance.
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27 May 2016
In India, a non-profit organisation is enhancing the links between women-owned businesses and global supply chains. The aim is to eventually roll out a data platform that serves and promotes women entrepreneurs from 17 other countries.
26 May 2016
Nobel Laureate Peter Grünberg has been appointed a Specially Invited Professor at the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University, Japan, at a ceremony on May 2.
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17 May 2016
Scientists at Taylor’s University in Malaysia and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are undertaking interdisciplinary research to understand the food habits of the people of Hong Kong.
06 May 2016
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) recently hosted leading researchers from the international campuses of the University of Nottingham in UK, China and Malaysia.
03 May 2016
Pertanika’s growth continues in 2016 with the addition of two new journals. The first, aimed specifically at postgraduate students, was published late last year, while the second, a law journal, has been proposed for launching later in 2016.
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26 Apr 2016
Over the next 50 years, people living at low altitudes in developing countries, particularly those in coastal Asia, will suffer the most from extreme weather patterns, according to researchers.
25 Apr 2016
The Greater Mekong Subregion Research Network (GMS-Net), together with Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC), launched a call for proposals to gather high-quality development research on better job prospects for youth, women, and low-skilled workers in the Mekong countries.
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19 Apr 2016
If Malaysia doesn’t take action to control its carbon emissions through a carbon tax, the damage caused by climate change over a 95-year period could cost the country more than 40 trillion Malaysian ringgits (US$9.1 trillion).
19 Apr 2016
Two academics at Tohoku University, Japan, have made it onto this year's Thomson Reuters list of Highly Cited Researchers. They are Professor Shinjiro Yamaguchi and Associate Professor Shusei Sato, both from the Graduate School of Life Sciences.
14 Apr 2016
BANGI – Prof Datuk Dr Mohamed Amin Embi, a a professor of technology-enhanced language learning at the Faculty of Education, The National University of Malaysia (UKM) has done the university proud by winning two prestigious international education awards for distance learning and open online courses.
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13 Apr 2016
Led by a feminist network based in India, researchers and advocates across South Asia are building the case for new legal and medical responses to sexual violence, while empowering victims to speak out.
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12 Apr 2016
Rohingya refugees living in a camp in Bangladesh have developed a multi-dimensional social fabric that is more complex than the common refugee narratives depicted in some reports.
11 Apr 2016
Five recipients of research grants on "Promoting Specialty Textile and Fabrics in Least Developed Countries” provided by Canada's International Development Research Centre and Trade Facilitation Office Canada announced.
11 Apr 2016
A researcher from Singapore Management University examines how Thailand’s bureaucratic policies and organisations affect the development of its economy.
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07 Apr 2016
More than 120 senior representatives from 65 universities around the world will convene this month in Seoul to discuss the social responsibilities of higher education and strategic global partnerships among academia, research, and industry to advance socio-economic values.
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07 Apr 2016
In the summer of 2015, Tohoku University, Japan, organized the 'Frontiers of Brain Science' program. This unique research program was hosted by the Tohoku Forum for Creativity, and consisted of three international symposia and one practical workshop.
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06 Apr 2016
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) invites outstanding early-career researchers to join one of nine research programs which address some of the most complex challenges facing the world today.
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05 Apr 2016
"Smart healthcare innovation @ the palm of our hand", entered by The University of Malaya, has been selected in the competition dominated by the global entrepreneur start-up community.
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04 Apr 2016
SERDANG – Gamification is an application of game mechanics and game design techniques in learning and teaching (P&P), making the process to be more interesting, interactive and engaging.
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01 Apr 2016
Palm oil wastes could provide an alternative, low cost and locally available source of bio-proteins for animal feed, according to a recent study published in the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (JTAS).
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01 Apr 2016
Malaysian researchers have concluded that mandatory labelling of genetically modified foods is justified, based on an extensive review of international scientific and legal frameworks related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
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31 Mar 2016
A new system allows construction companies monitor earth control measures in a manpower efficient manner.
30 Mar 2016
Zoonotic disease danger ever-present as protected species are sold in markets as food.
AIDF Asia Summit
28 Mar 2016
Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, to speak at AIDF Asia Summit 2016 on water and sanitation for effective health response during emergency situations
HR Training
28 Mar 2016
Designed for senior HR professionals from well-respected organisations, Training & Development Asia is an exclusive two-day event that tackles trends in learning & development, innovative shifts in HR technology, organisational change, and the implementation and measurement of the success of talent development programmes.
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25 Mar 2016
Scientists in Japan have developed a system using information technology to augment and enhance the capabilities of canine search and rescue (SAR) teams. Outfitted with special suits, these cyber-enhanced SAR dogs can transmit information about disaster sites and victims to their handlers and rescue workers.


10 Mar 2007
This symposium aims to bring together researchers to provide a comprehensive survey of new religious movements, religious innovations, and sacralisation of urban spaces in Singapore.
13 Mar 2007
Singapore - A Celebration of Wildlife and the Environment, and our Relationship with the Natural World. Wildlife Asia celebrates the very best in wildlife filmmaking in Asia and throughout the world.
10 Apr 2007
Laguna, Philippines - Expectations of broad-based growth for fisheries-dependent communities are tempered by concerns on the precarious state of aquatic resources, especially in Southeast Asia. The link among fisheries, poverty, and sustainability raises a host of important and as yet unanswered research questions.
26 May 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Product development and programme marketing in broadcasting rely on research data. The workshop is a step-by-step guide through the different methodologies, the strength and weaknesses of any given study design and analyzing and implementing research results.
28 Mar 2007
Singapore - This conference provides an international forum for the presentation of findings from educational research being undertaken at Singapore's Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice. It also creates an opportunity for the sharing of ideas and expertise of educators and researchers internationally.
05 Jul 2007
Istanbul, Turkey - Given the need to address issues of violence, war and peace, human rights, and social justice, there are many questions we must ask ourselves, many debates in which we must engage, and many paths through which we must explore ethical, spiritual, and global solutions to the challenges of globalisation.
11 Jun 2007
Themes include Environmental auditing, Ethics and corporate behaviour, Globalisation and corporate activity, Governmental influences on corporate behaviour, The influence of taxation upon corporate behaviour, Protests concerning corporate activity and many more (Location: KL, Malaysia)
10 Feb 2007
Themes of the Conference are Human Resource Concerns in the Context of Globalization (Theory and Empirical), Structural Changes in Andhra Pradesh Economy and Capital Formation in Andhra Pradesh Agriculture
12 Apr 2007
Conference will host seminars, paper presentations, workshops and exhibitions to discuss and explore various aspects of developmental communication. Objective: To create a platform for dialogue and sharing of experience. The conference also aims at raising vital contemporary issues in communication for social development
17 Jan 2007
UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana.Net will be launching the book Fabian de la Rosa and His Times, with a short film premiere, at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, 17 January 2007 at the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum & Filipiniana Research Center, Roxas Avenue, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
09 Feb 2007
The three-day event will include a public meeting featuring exciting speakers and the launch of the Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award for young women journalists.
11 Nov 2006
Having been under American occupation and control at different points in time, Japan and the Philippines share a similar colonial experience under a Western power, which has left an indelible imprint on both Japanese and Philippine societies.
27 Nov 2006
Postgraduate education in the Asian region is now facing many challenges especially in terms of stabilising and expanding its organisation and roles to face global changes.
19 Nov 2006
The conference will raise critical issues and acquire new insights into the profound peace and democracy education developments in Israel, Palestine and around the world.
15 Sep 2006
On view at the Amorsolo, Osias and the Philippine Readers Series exhibition are volumes of what were considered as one of the basic instructional materials during the American period – The Philippine Readers Series by Camilo Osias, with illustrations by the brothers Fernando and Pablo Amorsolo
15 Nov 2006
Political reform has become an integral part of the overall development process being implemented in the Gulf region. The focus of this workshop will be more specifically on the internal and external drivers of change and how each of these are influencing the current and future political reform process in the GCC States.
15 Oct 2006
Training in good counseling skills is a priority to enable the infected learn how to live positively. Counseling is best done by those already infected. They have the experience of living with the virus themselves. What they need next are communication and counseling skills so as to reach those newly infected and affected.
08 Nov 2006
The USM Penang HE Forum will provide an opportunity for higher education policy researchers and administrators to discuss issues pertaining to higher education which are of importance in their respective countries.
14 Jun 2007
The Teaching and the Learning of English has never been more demanding. This conference will provide an avenue for scholars and educators to exchange views and experiences, formulate strategies and, all in all, contribute positively towards the continued development of English from an Asian perspective.
29 Jul 2006
We believe the key to stay competitive is Intelligence. What kind of intelligence is the right kind for the new competitions? How would Intelligence help us feel and be empowered, and empower our machines to be more efficient and helpful?
19 Jun 2006
IDRC is supporting the policy seminar “The Devolution of Natural Resources,” on 19 June on devolution of natural resource management from central governments to local community organizations or individuals.
19 Jun 2006
Come and interview the key authors of this book and get a free signed copy at the book launch at the Arma Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, on June 19th 2006, at 5:30PM.
19 Jun 2006
Brings together local leaders, researchers and policy-makers to discuss devlution of rights in natural resource management.
29 May 2006
The Asia Media Summit provides a unique opportunity for broadcasters in the region to share their thoughts on Information and Broadcasting.
11 Nov 2006
Amarc9 conference in Jordan , 11th to 17 Nov, gather broadcasters from 100 countries to be in the general assembly of World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
17 Jul 2006
This conference on the Methodologies of Tafsir and Sharh Hadith will highlight the efforts of Muslim scholars and identify the excellent methodology, which may be in conformity with the contemporary needs, thus protecting Muslims from confusion while interacting with tafsir and sharh Hadith works.
19 Apr 2006
Developing rural communities through ICT requires the networking of expertise in a variety of fields, and working together towards a common goal.
15 Feb 2006
If the twentieth century was the era of the nation being imagined in print and broadcast media, then in the 21st century that imagination maybe under challenge by new technologies that enable the imagination of new politico-cultural topographies.
31 Jul 2006
The Eighth Biennial Conference of the Borneo Research Council (BRC) will take place in Kuching, Sarawak from July 31 to 1 August 2006. It will be jointly organised by BRC and the Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).
07 Feb 2006
India and East Asia conference is designed to arrive at a new paradigm to assess the future of this region through a holistic appraisal. This conference aims to attain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of this region through examining how issues of culture, trade and security are interlinked.


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