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03 Apr 2017
Altmetrics are new metrics proposed as alternatives to impact factor for journals as well as individual citation indexes (h-index). Altmetrics uses online activities to measure the impact, buzz and word of mouth for scientific information. It includes new methods to measure the usage at citation level.
31 Mar 2017
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) organised the University-Community Partnerships for Sustainable Social Development Sharing Session on 30 March 2017 to strengthen university-community collaborations for the sustainable development of the community.
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29 Mar 2017
When anonymity between people is lifted, they more likely cooperate with each other. Playing nice can thereby become a winning strategy, an international team of scientists shows in a study to be published in Science Advances.
20 Mar 2017
The Office of Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU) under the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies recently offered a graduate faculty professional development program aimed at maximizing the mentoring potential among QU graduate faculty.
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20 Mar 2017
A legal clinic from Qatar University College of Law (QU-LAWC) and local institutions is reviewing the current Qatari laws and policies related to climate change with the aim to find ways to adapt the objectives and terms of the Paris Agreement within the Qatari context.
09 Mar 2017
Preserving cultural heritage, including access to and use of ancestral lands, can be a real challenge for indigenous communities. A range of cultural memory recall and music workshops with the indigenous Ata of the Philippines aims to empower communities and validate legal claims related to the Indigenous People’s Rights Act.
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06 Mar 2017
An international group of researchers at Nagoya University discuss their experiences about research in Japan
28 Feb 2017
Professor Emeritus Zeungnam Bien of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), the “father of Korean Robotics” has passed away on February 23, 2017.
27 Feb 2017
Developing and marketing safe, effective vaccines against these often-neglected diseases has the potential to end the cycle of poverty while addressing the serious public health risks associated with some diseases.
22 Feb 2017
This is Part 3 of an article written by Sang Chul Park, DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology) Chair Professor and Well Aging Research Center. Sang Chul Park discusses about aging revolution, pursuit for human longevity and well aging.
17 Feb 2017
PolyU is delighted to learn that the Panel found good practices worthy of commendations in all the audit areas and the two audit themes – Enhancing the student learning experience and Global engagements: strategies and current developments.
16 Feb 2017
This is Part 2 of an article written by Sang Chul Park, chair professor at DGIST and the Well Aging Research Center in South Korea. Sang Chul Park discusses about aging revolution, pursuit for human longevity and well aging.
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13 Feb 2017
This is Part IV of an article about Hokkaido University’s Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, the only national institution in Japan that studies the Ainu of Japan and other indigenous peoples around the world.
09 Feb 2017
This is Part 1 of an article written by Sang Chul Park, chair professor at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST) and the Well Aging Research Center in South Korea. Sang Chul Park discusses about aging revolution, pursuit for human longevity and well aging.
08 Feb 2017
Eleven graduate students from South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have been recognized for research excellence.
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26 Jan 2017
This is Part III of an article about Hokkaido University’s Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, the only national institution in Japan that studies the Ainu of Japan and other indigenous peoples around the world.
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23 Jan 2017
This is Part II of an article about Hokkaido University’s Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, the only national institution in Japan that studies the Ainu of Japan and other indigenous peoples around the world.
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15 Jan 2017
This is Part I of an article about Hokkaido University’s Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, the only national institution in Japan that studies the Ainu of Japan and other indigenous peoples around the world.
Researchers at the SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing
23 Dec 2016
Are Singaporeans financially prepared for retirement and ageing? Researchers from Singapore Management University are finding out.
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15 Dec 2016
Authoritative parenting is significantly linked to positive youth development, according to a recent study published in the Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (JSSH).
07 Dec 2016
• Universitas 21 awards 2017 Gilbert Medal to Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak • Medal honours the work of Professor Alan Gilbert, one of the founders of Universitas 21 • Professor Dzul is 7th recipient, the first from Asia
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28 Nov 2016
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) kicked off a series of celebration activities for its 80th anniversary on 25 November 2016.
22 Nov 2016
University of Malaya scored big with 6 researchers winning the Malaysia Rising Star Awards 2016 and 4 journals receiving the CREAM status by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
22 Nov 2016
Dr. Badrul Hisham (UM) was awarded for his contributions to the petroleum engineering profession by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
16 Nov 2016
The first Internationalization Strategies Advisory Service (ISAS) Learning Badge Award was handed to Hokkaido University by President Dzulkifli Abdul Razak of the International Association of Universities (IAU) on November 14, 2016.
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15 Nov 2016
A researcher team led at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) evaluated the impact of weather changes on tourists’ behaviour and their level of satisfaction while visiting Hong Kong.
15 Nov 2016
The National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, will launch a new program that invites research groups—consisting of faculty members and students from universities, graduate schools or technical colleges throughout Japan—to NIMS, and supports them with traveling and accommodation expenses.
14 Nov 2016
Presided over by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) Council Chairman Mr Chan Tze-ching and President Professor Timothy W. Tong, the 22nd Congregation held on 12 November 2016.
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11 Nov 2016
Management and nutritional strategies are needed to protect livestock from heat stress resulting from climate change, according to a review paper published in the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science.
04 Nov 2016
On November 1, 2016 the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (JTAS) was granted potential “CREAM” status in recognition of its consistently high quality, under the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education’s Publication Incentive Scheme.


25 Feb 2008
It is envisaged that this scientific programme will serve as a platform for experts, policy makers and other Government officials to share experiences and chart appropriate course to promote the science centres as the agents of change in the developing world.
13 Dec 2007
2007 will be particularly sensitive for cross-strait relations. 2008 will see a new Taiwanese President, a referendum on UN membership for the island under the name Taiwan, and the Beijing Olympics; the potential for an escalation in hostilities remains of considerable concern.
20 Dec 2007
New Delhi, India - Author, poet, foreign policy expert, columnist, and Rhodes scholar, former Ambassador Aftab Seth will speak on "Japan Today: A Deflated Giant?'
26 Dec 2007
KL, Malaysia - For the first time ever in Malaysia, drummers and percussionists from all over the world, coming together to beat their way to the rhythm of the Nation.
06 Dec 2007
Bangkok, Thailand - The meeting will share perspectives from health and education professionals, regulatory professionals, food industry personnel and journalists on the role of communication in advancing public health.
05 Dec 2007
Auckland, New Zealand - The aim of this conference is to examine the concept of idyllic lifestyle: what is meant by an idyllic lifestyle, do we have an idyllic lifestyle, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
15 Nov 2007
As a collateral activity for the exhibition FORM AND SUBSTANCE: The Works of Dean Honrado R. Fernandez, the UP Vargas Museum (UPVM) in cooperation with the Avellana Art Gallery host a talk entitled An Intimate Look Into the Life and Art of Dean Honrado R. Fernandez by his widow, Mrs. Josie Fernandez.
12 Dec 2007
India has one of the youngest population in the world. This event aims to explore how India can provide to the graying world what it most needs - a productive workforce.
25 Oct 2007
The UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum & Filipiniana Research Center opens Tangláw: The University of the Philippines' National Artists for Visual Arts on 25 October 2007, 6pm at the Kawilihan Gallery (2F), part of its continuing contribution to the University's 2008 Centenary and the Intellectual Property Rights Week.
02 Nov 2007
Singapore - Under the theme “Moving Forward: Building an ASEAN+ People’s Agenda”, ACSC III is expected to bring about 200 civil society representatives and actors to discuss the main challenges facing people and civil society organisations in relation to ASEAN Summit.
18 Nov 2007
Singapore - The theme for the 40th Anniversary of ASEAN and for ASEAN Summit held in 2007 in Singapore would be, "One ASEAN at the Heart of Dynamic Asia".
31 Oct 2007
NEW DELHI, INDIA - This Summit is an endeavour to underscore the crucial role played by toilets on all aspects of human development.
25 Oct 2007
Beijing, China - Under the motto “From Plan to Action”, various stakeholders from within and outside the Olympic Movement will meet and contribute to this event.
23 Oct 2007
Hong Kong - Work-life balance in Hong Kong is a hot topic. Join this event to participate in a discussion forum with representatives from the corporate, government and non-profit sectors.
12 Oct 2007
The exhibit features Dean Fernandez’s works on formal and spatial patterns that explores the nature and qualities of spaces in art, architecture and urban design, as well as the subtle contrasts between natural and man made forms.
22 Nov 2007
New Zealand - This is a Multidisciplinary Conference on Asia.
29 Oct 2007
Beijing, China - The Forum meeting of the Global Forum for Health Research has become established as a premier annual event that brings together policy-makers, development partners and the directors and users of research, to debate critical gaps and to mobilize campaigns that address the health needs of the poor and marginalized.
22 Oct 2007
Washington, D.C. - The conference series on China-U.S. relations has become a tremendous success because of the strength of the conference program and the caliber of speakers and attendees.
13 Oct 2007
Beijing, China - This event will address among others the scientific inquiry of human behavior, especially the claim of paranormal phenomena, alternative medicine and pseudoscience, the research on secular humanism and planetary ethics.
20 Nov 2007
Based on the recently published book, Japanese Pioneers in the Northern Philippine Highlands, this exhibition of approximately 60 photographs of Baguio's vibrant Japanese community illuminates a portion of Philippine, Japanese, and American colonial history that has come close to being forgotten. (Pictures available on request)
05 Mar 2008
Revealing the secret of the glorious Islamic civilization in the West. The theme for this conference is Knowledge Integration Based On Tawhid.
08 Sep 2007
In line with the Capul, palingnga kaw? exhibition, a lecture-workshop on the Abaknon dances will be held at the UPVM Basement A on 8 September 2007 (Saturday), 1:30pm. Dr. Francisco A. Datar will also briefly discuss the history of the dances and how each relate to the sociopolitical and economic structure of the Abaknon community.
21 Nov 2007
The Southeast Asia Urban Environmental Management Applications (SEA-UEMA) Project, in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, will hold the International Conference on Air Quality Management in Southeast Asia on November 21 to 23, 2007.
03 Sep 2007
El Poeta del Color 's aim is to unravel Amorsolo's works and style of painting in terms of the social production of his art including their contexts in the academe, society and culture, and politics during his time. Its title was inspired by Jesus Balmori's " A Fernando Amorsolo " poem published in La Vanguardia in 21 May 1928.
03 Sep 2007
As part of the UP Vargas Museum's 20th anniversary celebration with the theme Color in Philippine Art, the UPVM features Excavating Bridges for Future Streams , an exhibition of the works of Australian artist Sean James Cassidy as inspired by the Sagada landscapes in the Cordillera region and the craftsmanship of its people.
29 Aug 2007
The exhibition features the uniqueness of the Abaknon, the people of the island-town of Capul in Northern Samar, as an ethnolinguistic group through the photographs taken by anthropologist Francisco A. Datar during the course of his fieldwork.
31 Oct 2007
Singapore - This dedicated event has firmly established itself as a market leader attracting security professionals and quality buyers who are specifically looking for cutting-edge products, equipment and solutions in this burgeoning industry.
09 Oct 2007
Singapore - Border Security Asia 2007 will focus on the key challenges, responses and solutions facing those operating in the port, terminals and borders of Asia today.
12 Dec 2007
Bangkok - Reinventing Higher Education: Toward Participatory and Sustainable Development. This conference will provide a unique forum for participants to explore the role and involvement of universities and higher education institutions within the framework of participatory development.
18 Nov 2007
Singapore - "Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development is a key theme of discussions at the upcoming 13th ASEAN Summit and its related meetings in Singapore held in November 2007.


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